Because Mall is a Four Letter Word

a community thank you to DECO raleigh!



DECO raleigh has been our best friend since their beginning! Every time we put together an event, they are the first to jump on board as a Master Sponsor. They are huge promoters of downtown Raleigh and small business. They have been partnering with us since they opened their doors in 2012. If you need a gift for someone and cannot find it at DECO raleigh, then you’re not really looking! They carry the works of more than 60 local artisans.

And, have you checked out DECO home? We guarantee that there will be something for you to pick up to go along with your purchase this weekend at Urban Vintage!

Don’t forget when you visit DECO raleigh + home you need to check out the¬†parklet just outside their door?¬†It was designed as a community effort among Deco Raleigh, faculty and students from the NCSU College of Design, and local businesses. What a great use of a parking spot. Check out raleigh [ ] space to learn how it came to be.

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