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A Fun Saturday at The Handmade Market: Music, Food, and Drinks

Hello friends,
You know that The Handmade Market is just a couple days away, and you know that there will be many talented artists with dazzling wares. Seriously, So. Much. Great. Stuff. But did you know that we also stock the show with delicious food, drinks, and an incredible DJ?

DJ Suggadelic, aka Erik Sugg or Mr. Erik Storytimes, is taking time off from his library rock and roll storytimes and his metal band, Demon Eye, to return to The Handmade Market. He’ll be spinning ’60s soul, ’70s funk, and ’60s “miniskirt” pop.


Need a beverage or snack while doing your holiday shopping on Saturday? We got you covered. Jenny from Slingshot Coffee Co will be on hand to keep you caffeinated and refreshed. She’s bringing her cold-brew coffee along with her newest concoction, Cascara Tea, a crisp and fruity drink brewed from dried coffee cherries.

If you get hungry (or when — who are we kidding, holiday shopping is hard work!) we have lots of sweet and savory snacks to keep you fueled. Tammy Calaway will be back with her Sweet T Cakery treats. You can count on her cupcakes, and our fingers are crossed that she’ll bring some of those heavenly whoopie pies. Tammy’s confections always include organic, seasonal ingredients, and she usually offers a few options that are vegan and/or gluten-free for those of us with food allergies or restrictions.

Michelle Stees will be out front with her Monster Cookies. They’re monstrously huge and delicious at the same time, and the number of unique varieties is staggering: Sweet Tea with Lemon (one of our faves), Chocolate Orange, Happy Trails, Monster Bar … too much sweetness to list.

New to The Handmade Market is Citizen Yogurt. Their frozen yogurt and paletas (aka popsicles) are handmade from 100% fresh fruit and natural ingredients — no high fructose corn syrup in these babies! Many of their treats are seasonal, vegan, and gluten-free to boot.

Head down to Cobblestone Hall in City Market on Saturday and get your shopping, snacking, and groove on with us! We promise it will be another excellent — and very fun — show!

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