Because Mall is a Four Letter Word

and the winner is…

Did you participate in the February Art Challenge?

Rosa Murillo of Muro Jewelry did! She was inspired to make this ring of “ice” for our monthly challenge. Rosa used a ring mold. Instead of resin, she filled it with water and some glitter. Ironically this ring didn’t have a very long life, much like Ice in the South! Rosa tells us that after the photograph was taken the ring melted into a mess! That didn’t matter though, the fun was in the creation! Isn’t that what we as creators strive for?

Ice Ring

Rosa created another ring that should get a mention too. Check out her Instagram to take a look!

Congratulations Rosa and thank you for participating in our first MaidenChallenge!

The next Challenge will be posted tomorrow… get your supplies ready, this is going to be FUN!

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