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Artist Spotlight: Betsy Browne Pottery

Betsy Browne makes hand-thrown ceramics and decorates them by carving and slip trailing designs on the exterior. Most of her pieces are functional and intended for daily use. Her designs are inspired by the natural world, especially water, but sometimes a scrap of fabric can also spark a new idea.

When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up? As a kid, I really wanted to be an archaeologist. Maybe I just watched too much Indiana Jones, but there was something really fascinating to me about digging up the past and creating a story about what might have happened. Sometimes I think about my pottery and if somebody thousands of years from now might find a shard or two of my work …

When did you realize that you had a creative calling to fulfill? I finished college in the middle of the financial breakdown and had a hard time finding a job. I moved home and remembered how much I’d loved making ceramics in high school. I finished the ceramics program at Montgomery Community College and started my business. This is my silver lining to the recession — if it hadn’t happened, I might never have returned to my artistic pursuits.

Which holiday blockbuster are you most excited to see? I’m a big nerd, so I’m very excited about The Hobbit. Tolkien has always been one of my favorite authors, and I loved the movie adaptations of The Lord of the Rings.

The Handmade Market is on your calendar for Saturday, November 10, right?! Be sure to visit Betsy’s table and check out the beautiful display of colors and textures in her handmade pottery!

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