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Artist Spotlight: Ergane

Jane Mormino is the Cary-based artist behind the jewelry business Ergane. Jane loves to decoupage all things ceramic, glass, metal, vintage, and tiny. The vintage paper and postage stamps that are featured in Jane’s designs give each one-of-a-kind piece its own story, its own exotic tale of another time and place.

What will you be selling at the Market, and what inspires you to make them?

I will be selling necklaces and pendants made from tiny works of art-postage … as well as my favorite thing in the whole world, charm canisters. Color and detail inspire me!

What’s your favorite new (or newish) art/craft/design blog?
Tumbleweed Tiny Houses: maybe not new, but small — and that’s good!

What’s your favorite independently owned store in the Triangle area?
Neomonde Cafe

Mad Men or True Blood?
True Blood only slightly wins over Mad Men for me … I do love Lafayette and Jesus!

Be sure to visit Jane’s table at The Handmade Market’s NEW location on Saturday, November 13 and see all of the lovely little things she has created!

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