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Artist Spotlight: Gretchen Quinn Pottery

The Handmade Market welcomes Gretchen Quinn Pottery for the first time. Gretchen, a Raleigh ceramic artist, creates functional wares that reflect her love for simple luxuries. Using both throwing or hand-building techniques, she combines textures, colors and clean shapes to fashion functional vessels with beautiful form.

Gretchen Quinnnew artist

What item are you most excited to bring to The Handmade Market?

I have been working on a lot of new pieces in the last few months and The Handmade Market will be their first time out of the studio. I’m making a lot of my Goldie Dot pieces in many different shapes and sizes so I’m excited to see how those are received. I have also been focusing on carving repeated patterns into the clay on another series. I love the way the glaze breaks on the pattern, that combined with their folded forms, I just can stop making them.

What is your most favorite distraction in the studio right now?

The sudden flurry of pop-in customers! Now that spring is here and the studio door is open, neighbors, dog walkers and the occasionally visitors lost to Raleigh will wonder in to chat and do a little shopping.

How do you unwind from an intense day? 

I’m still trying to figure out the right recipe for this one, but it often involves a good walk for the dog, flopping on our amazingly comfortable couch or when those fails a vodka tonic with LOTS of lime.

Which artist at The Handmade Market are you excited to meet? 

Christina Boy Designs, her work looks fantastic and I can’t resist items made out of wood.

Beach or ocean or shore? 

Ocean! There is nothing better than floating on your back and letting the waves take you where they want you to go. Though I do peek occasionally for avoid disaster.

Bugatti, ’67 Mustang, or Tesla? 

’67 Mustang

What is your color addiction? Why are you moved by it? 

Black. It’s been my uniform for years and I just can’t shake it. I love it and think that black can serve as the perfect background color for anything vibrant on top.

With which participating artist would you LOVE to collaborate?

I would love to  work with Hope Glows Candle Company. I have been wanting to partner with a candle maker for a long time and design a line of votives, that look beautiful and smell amazing.

Be sure to visit Gretchen Quinn Pottery‘s table to check out the beautiful Goldie Dot collection as well as her other amazing work at The Handmade Market on Friday, May 6 and Saturday, May 7 at Market Hall.

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