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Artist Spotlight: Happy Scraps *new artist*

Randy and Jean Chapman, the team behind Happy Scraps, create welded metal art creatures, flowers, and figures from scrap metal pieces destined for the dumpster. Using steel metal slugs, bolts, screws, and other pieces, their unique designs range from sincere to whimsical. All pieces are created from the scrap metal they have on hand, and everything is varnished for protection from the weather.

What are the products that you’re bringing to The Handmade Market, and what inspired your newest creation?
Randy worked for a metal manufacturing company for 40 years and has experience with various steel metal parts. He gathers scrap metal and welds the pieces together (sometimes bending, cutting, and twisting), using his imagination to envision the metal art pieces. Usually the inspiration comes from just looking at the scrap and seeing something in it. Pieces are also made by request when others have asked for certain characters.

What is your most treasured creation?
My favorite metal art piece is a dragster made from a wrench, nuts, and slugs.

What advice would you give a starting artist / crafter / designer?
I believe that all people have creative abilities, they just need to tap in to the things they most enjoy and see where it takes them. Keep trying and don’t give up!

Be sure to stop by the Happy Scraps booth at The Handmade Market on Saturday, April 23 — they’ll have many pieces of whimsical metal art for your home or garden!

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