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Artist Spotlight: Holdfast Printworks

Asheville, North Carolina based artists Courtney Leigh Johnson and husband, Gabriel Latini, are the talent driving Holdfast Printworks. Since 2012, their company has grown by leaps and bounds from just a couple of screens and squeegees to a thriving business which is outgrowing their home. Holdfast Printworks’ philosophy is to make a product their customers are proud to wear. All items are hand printed in their home studio with water based, eco-friendly inks free of harmful chemicals. Courtney Leigh and Gabriel love what they do and are psyched to spend time designing and printing new work.

How do you define and measure success for yourself and your business? We strive to make a product that people can be proud of wearing. All items are hand printed in our studio with water based, environmentally friendly inks that are free of harmful chemicals. We love what we do and are psyched to spend our time printing and designing new items.

When work gets really intense, do you lean in or step back? Tell us how and why that approach works for you and your biz. I am a very hard worker (Capricorn born), but I think the best way to get through busy and intense times is to take a step back. I like to take a break and go rock climbing or for a hike, or have tea with friends in West Asheville. I need to step back to realize I can actually get the work done, instead of having a mini nervous breakdown, ha.

How do you connect with other creative types? Does this happen online, in person, or some of both? Both! I do love me some instagram and love connecting with other artists on there. It’s a great way to see other crafters work and to connect. Living in Asheville, I’ve also had the benefit of having a large network of artists around me to collaborate with and inspire me.

Is there a new item that you’d like to share? I love this tank! A photographer friend had an idea for a “MERICA” tank a few months ago, and I thought I’d throw a southern spin on it. These tanks will be available mid- May, just in time for summertime and the fourth of July. They are available for pre-order in our etsy shop.

What’s your favorite tv show to binge-watch? Well, I don’t actually own a tv … but I have been binge watching the X-Files and a little Twin Peaks online.

Which actor would play you in the movie version of your life? In a movie about my life, Claire Danes would play me.

We’ll see you this Saturday, May 3 at The Handmade Market. Be sure to visit Holdfast Printworks — check out the “MERICA” tank as well the other very cool wearables they produce. 

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