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Artist Spotlight: Judah Ross

Oami Powers, the creative wonder behind the gorgeous apparel line Judah Ross, is returning to November’s Handmade Market and we’re so glad to have her back.

What are you bringing to The Handmade Market on November 12? Anything new and exciting?
I’m very excited about a series of new knit wear I’ve been working on, fancier than your average tee shirt, but still easy to wear. Also, I’ll have everybody’s favorite, the Hargett Street Skirt, in a couple new fabrics.

What is the best online resource that you’ve used for your business and why?

Which artist(s) are you most excited to see at The Handmade Market?
I heard there are lots of new vendors this time around, which is exciting.

What is your favorite fall comfort food? Can you share a link to a recipe or restaurant that serves it up?
Pumpkin pie, hands down.

What is the best concert you’ve ever attended?
I think it’s a toss up between Sharon Jones & The Heartless Bastards.

Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert?
Jon Stewart

Are you on Pinterest? Provide a link to your boards if so!
Judah Ross

On November 12th, be sure to stop by Oami’s booth and see what stunning skirt or blouse you can’t live without. Trust us.

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