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Artist Spotlight: Lazymuse Productions

Heather Muise of Lazymuse Productions makes unique and original toys and collector’s items using a crochet technique called amigurumi.

What will you be selling at the Market, and what inspires you to make them?
I’ll be bringing my hand crocheted amigurumi animal dolls that include: foxes, raccoons, bears, deer, monkeys, cats, rabbits and more; adorable squid dolls, crochet sushi, jelly fish ornaments and some fun cat toys. My favorite cat toy is the “severed finger”, I laugh every time I see my cat carrying hers around.

My inspiration for creating these items came a few years ago when I went to buy my new niece a Christmas present and I was shocked and dismayed at all the mass produced, plastic junk in the stores. I thought to myself, that my niece deserved better than that, so I started creating animal dolls that were good looking and sturdily constructed that could spark her imagination at playtime.

What’s your favorite new (or newish) art/craft/design blog?
Handmade Romance

What’s your favorite independently owned store in the Triangle area?
I don’t live in the Triangle area, so I don’t know many craft/art related stores there. However I will drive the 100 miles to go the Grand Asia Market in Cary, is a great Asian market that has fresh seafood and ingredients for all types of Asian cooking, from Indian to Koran. They also have amazing tchochkies!

Who’s your favorite Muppet?
The Mnah-Mnah guys. That song is sort of my default song, always in the back of my head. That’s not a bad thing is it?

Mad Men or True Blood?
May I have both, please?

Snooki, JWoww, or The Situation?
The horror, the horror!

Visit Heather’s booth on Saturday, November 13th in our NEW location to check out her adorable collection of amigurumi animal dolls, and see if you know a kitty who needs their very own severed finger.

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