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Artist Spotlight: Liz Kelly Pottery

Raleigh-based artist Liz Kelly is the owner/maker of Liz Kelly Pottery. This fantastically talented returning artist specializes in contemporary, wheel-thrown pots whose design aesthetic is steeped in time-honored craft traditions.

How did you come up with your business name? After coming up with 1,001 cheesy pottery business names (imagine the comedic material! Spin Dr., Quick & Dirty…), I quit this nonsense and stuck with Liz Kelly Pottery. I want my work to be connected with my name since I’m connected to the work. It just felt weird to have an anonymous company name if it’s really me making it. Also, I see it as a way to keep 100% accountable to the things I make. No one wants to make junk and put their name on it! Check back next year, I’ll probably be running under the cover of Clay Cuties or something equally laughable!

Tell us about your newest design. The simple polka dot mug is really doing it for me these days. I wanted to do some kind of grid-inspired allover design, and the polka dots are it! I also have a variation of it for large bowls that changes the size of dots in order to accentuate the curve of the bowl. I love a simple decoration that makes a form sing.

Are there any new skills or techniques that you’d like to learn? In the next year I’d like to step up my overall seller game. I’m in the application process for the Launch program offered by the Visual Art Exchange in hopes of some good structure and mentorship. It’s like grad school in a business/maker kind of way. I’ll never be done learning and growing!

Is there a new item(s) that you’d like to share? I’m really enjoying these.

Which artists are you most excited to see at The Handmade Market? I’m loving the looks of TL Jewelry Designs‘ wooden hoop earrings and Trista Hudzik‘s scrumptious looking pots!

What was your first concert and/or all-time favorite concert? My very memorable first show was Clutch seen at the Cat’s Cradle, and my favorite show may be Israel Vibration. They have synchronized dance moves with their crutches! Badass.

What’s your favorite Halloween memory? I hate Halloween, but one time we knocked over all the neighbor’s candles in paper bags and watched them burn up. That was pretty fun. This is an incriminating question!

Be sure to visit Liz Kelly Pottery’s table at The Handmade Market on Saturday, November 8. Check out her rich colors and mesmerizing forms. You’ll want one for you and one for someone you love.

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