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Artist Spotlight: Off The Map

Leslie DeRose is coming back to The Handmade Market with her whimsical, well-loved Off the Map art! Leslie mixes vintage maps with paint, and the results are stunning scenes that evoke her love for travel (bikes & little campers!), adventure, and nature.

How did you come up with your business name? I was originally Leslie Derose Art, then I switched it to Off the Map, because I primarily use vintage maps in my artwork. But I got tired of it, so I am transitioning back to Leslie DeRose again — ask me next year, and it may be something else :)

Tell us about your newest style, design, or creation. I have been recently been using vintage postcards in my work, using the front as well as the handwritten parts. I love reading the short notes, almost always describing the weather in the first sentence.

Are there any new skills or techniques that you’d like to learn? How might this new craft fit with your current methods? I wish I had time to learn some new skills. If I could take one class I would love to learn to use encaustic paints and try to incorporate it into my work.

Which artists are you most excited to see at The Handmade Market? Trista Hudzik‘s pottery looks lovely, and I always like seeing Hawks and Doves‘ items.

What was your first concert? Your all-time fave? New Kids on the Block was my first, and my favorite is My Morning Jacket.

Be sure to visit Leslie’s Off the Map booth at The Handmade Market this Saturday, November 8. Wouldn’t one of her little camper prints look cozy on your mantel or bookshelf?

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