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Artist Spotlight: Patina South

Patina South is Tracey Johnson, who just happens to be one of The Handmaidens’ very own. So when she’s not working hard on making The Handmade Market what it is, she is creating one of a kind jewelry for Patina South.

What are you bringing to The Handmade Market on November 12? Anything new and exciting?
Lots of jewelry made from oddball objects and random finds. I enjoy the challenge of turning something non-traditional into something pretty, edgy, and asymmetrically balanced.

What is the best online resource that you’ve used for your business and why?
I am not very ‘puter savy, but I have an awesome graphic designer, Alison Myers of This is Your Wonderland. She has helped me navigate my way through starting a website, blogging, and branding.

Which artist(s) are you most excited to see at The Handmade Market?
cowbelle, because she is my sister and I miss seeing her smile often.

What is your favorite fall comfort food? Can you share a link to a recipe or restaurant that serves it up?
ummm, I love Mexican…home cooked, food truck style, or fancy schmancy. I am not picky, it just has to be spicy hot and have lots of cheese. (she says ummm, we say yummm to the spicy hot and all that cheese!)

What is the best concert you’ve ever attended?
I am not a big music person…anything live with instruments is best. My favorite is acoustic guitar on a porch with a glass of wine and a rocking chair…..crickets optional.

Are you on Pinterest? Provide a link to your boards if so!
Never tried it…I have heard it is awesome and will change my life, but I am scared it will be yet another thing that robs my time.

Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert?
Stephen Colbert, if I have to choose.

So be sure to enter The Handmaidens area at the Market and look for the Patina South table of goodness! Don’t forget to put it on your calendar for Saturday, November 12.

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