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Artist Spotlight: tiny peepers

Kelly Smith-Tilly is a Raleigh screen printer and the artist behind tiny peepers. Her clean and simple designs are inspired by things Kelly sees every day. She personally screen prints all her products, including kitchen towels, napkins, pillow cases, t-shirts, and other fabrics, in her home studio. tiny peepers‘ product line uses only water-based, non-toxic inks.

What are you bringing to The Handmade Market on November 12? Anything new and exciting?
I’ll be bringing my tea towels, napkins, and organic scarves. New this year — t-shirts! I’ll have a selection of kids’ and a few adult tees, all with guitars and banjos.

What is the best online resource that you’ve used for your business and why?
Lately, it’s my Facebook page. There is so much potential now for networking, on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. It’s hard to keep up, but it’s a great time for an on-line business.

Which artist(s) are you most excited to see at The Handmade Market?
It seems like an unusually talented and diverse collection of artist this year, so I’m excited about many. I met Red Clay Soaps and Bess Whittington at the Indie Craft Parade in Greenville, SC, and they’re awesome!

What is your favorite fall comfort food? Can you share a link to a recipe or restaurant that serves it up?
I just made my first pumpkin pie from a recipe from my good friend (and Handmade Market artist) Oami Powers of Judah Ross. It turned out beautifully.

What is the best concert you’ve ever attended?
Oh, there have been many! I have two — The Fleet Foxes here at the Raleigh Amphitheater in a torrential storm. Lightening, pouring rain — a real bonding experience between the audience and the band. Loved it! Also, I just got to see The Avett Brothers in Greensboro and was in the front row, center. I sang my heart out all night. An emotional, fun night. Love those guys.

Are you on Pinterest? Provide a link to your boards if so!
I just started, so there’s not a ton yet, but here ya go …

Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert?
I adore Stephen Colbert.

The Handmade Market is on Saturday, November 12! Be sure to stop by tiny peepers’ table and check out Kelly’s work. The new t-shirts are awesome.

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