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Artist Spotlight: tiny peepers printed fabrics

Kelly Smith-Tilly is an artist from Raleigh with a new business called tiny peepers printed fabrics. Kelly’s screenprinted designs are graphic modern and clean, and she does everything by hand, from building and burning her own screens, preparing the designs, and printing her pieces, right in her very own kitchen.

What will you be selling at the Market, and what inspires you to make them?

I’ll be selling hand-screenprinted kitchen towels, napkin sets, and organic cotton/bamboo jersey scarves. I love clean, simple graphic design. Originally I planned on making t-shirts geared toward boys (I have two sons) and was uninspired by what I saw in stores. So some of my designs like the banana seat bike, the silver camper, and the Jeep were created with my guys in mind, but I soon discovered that making kitchen towels is way more fun! It’s a little blank canvas that can be anything I want. Don’t get me wrong, I love a graphic tee, but a graphic tea towel is really my thing. And I hadn’t seen an Impala kitchen towel before, so there you have it.

What’s your favorite new (or newish) art/craft/design blog?

It’s hard to narrow it down to one, but a couple of my current faves include Ponder and Stitch, an Etsy seller that makes really pretty, personalized cuff bracelets and The English Muffin, a lovely blog by Bess Callard.

What’s your favorite independently owned store in the Triangle area?
I love the whole concept of Epona & Oak in downtown Raleigh at Moore Square. Three sisters in business together, selling handmade, local wares and providing nurturing wellness care for the bod. The store has such a positive vibe, you practically want to move in.

Mad Men or True Blood?
Mad Men. The storylines! The characters! The clothes!

Be sure to visit Kelly’s table at The Handmade Market’s NEW location on Saturday, November 13 and pick up a clean, modern tea towel for your kitchen from hers!

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