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Artist Spotlight: Twist Style

Maryellen Kim is the creative force behind Twist Style, a designer who loves vintage-y, pastel-y, bejeweled bits of adornment for ladies and the occasional dandy. Maryellen mixes up beads and thread and shakes her magic crochet hook until something beautiful pops out.

What are the products that you’re bringing to The Handmade Market, and what inspired your newest creations?
This year I’m bringing jewelry, but with lots of new styles including pretty headbands and clutches. The line continues to have a vintage feel, but I’ve tried to infuse a bit more seaside charm and to freshen up my favorites with new colors and different textures.

What is your most treasured art, craft, or design tool and why?
Oh, for sure it’s my many bins of vintage buttons — even if I’m not using a vintage button in a project, I’ll have a dig through a big bowl just to find some color or pattern inspiration. I love buttons!

What is your favorite creative soundtrack?
This is an evolution of mood thing, but lately I’ve been filling up on Regina Specter, mixed up with some Born Ruffians, Old Crow Medicine Show, and Mumford and Sons. I like the kicky tunes with some wacky lyrics.

What advice would you give a starting artist / crafter / designer?
Keep going! There are bound to be slow times, uninspired times, shows that don’t fit your medium, customers that don’t get your style … but you have to keep at it and keep making what you love.

What’s your favorite spring break destination?
New York City! A great place to find new materials, inspiration, and cupcake shops.

Be sure to visit the Twist Style table Saturday, April 23 — Maryellen will have an assortment of fresh, flowery, and fun jewelry and accessories!

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