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February Challenge Update

We have been seeing some posts and submissions for The Challenge!

Handmaiden Lois of it’s by design. “where are you Spring?”

We are actually extending the original deadline to the 25th this month, instead of the earlier stated 20th. We realize not a lot of you know about this yet, or if you do- you may need a few extra days to get your submission completed and submitted.

Rosa from Muro Jewelry.¬†“Ice Ring”

We’d love to see works in progress too! To show us those, use the hashtag #maidenschallenge when you upload images to the various social media outlets. We’ve already shared some the last few days

Handmaiden Leeann: Snow Queen

Now that you’ve seen a few samples and submissions, we hope they serve as an inspiration to get your own submission ready. It’s not like we haven’t had plenty of inspiration right outside our front doors this week! For more details on The Challenge, click the banner below:


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Author: The Handmaidens

The Handmaidens are a North Carolina collective of nine artists, designers, and crafters who create handcrafted adornments for body and home. Formed in 2004, the collective works together to participate in and produce local shopping events and trunk shows.

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