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Handmade Market is accepting applications for one more week

HMMKT-Nov16-App-OpenThere is only one more week left before we close the application to the November The Handmade Market!

The show will take place on Friday, November 11th from 6 pm until 9 pm, and continues on Saturday, November 12th from 10 am until 5 pm. We will have space for over 50 amazing artists, crafters, designers.

The Handmade Market will be in a NEW LOCATION: Venture Hall at Marbles / IMAX, just on the other side of Moore Square from where we have been the last few years.

To apply:
Step 1: Get a strong cup of coffee and spend some time reading the application guidelines.

Step 2. Fill out this application using your professional yet whimsical voice (because you are probably “creative” in some fashion or another) and be sure to include fantastic photos of your work.

Step 3. Wait patiently for the jury to respond to you. We promise responses will begin going out no later than September 21

If you are new to applying for craft shows (or you just like to read), this post from Dear Handmade Life is incredibly helpful and full of great tips.

We look forward to seeing all your wonderful work!

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