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Hurry and apply for the Last Handmade Market, and THANKS!


Have you applied yet?! You have only a few days left to apply for the 25th and LAST Handmade Market! We will accept applications through Thursday September 13th. Sunday, September 16th due to Hurricane Florence. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the info on the Application Guidelines and Event Information, and here is the handy link to The Handmade Market Application.

We also wanted to take a moment and reply to the overwhelming responses we have received from you, our community, following our announcement of the Last Handmade Market last week. It’s been incredibly sweet to hear what a special place our market has been to you, artists and customers alike. We also want to lessen your worries; by no means are we disappearing from the Handmade scene! We are simply closing one chapter and making room for bigger dreams to come to fruition. This does mean The Handmade Market as we have come to know and love it is ending, but it also means we will have the time to develop something bigger for Raleigh. Possibly a combination our two favorite things….handmade AND vintage! This day might be soon, or it may take a few years to develop. Keep following us and we promise we will keep you posted along the way.

Thanks again! Now go mark your calendars for November 10th and/or complete your application so you can help us make “the little Handmade Market that could” go out in style!

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