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Made & Found Spotlight: Calico Creates


Heather Washburn from Calico Creates

Calico Creates 
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Describe your style, and what you plan to bring. What are your bestsellers?:
Calico Creates evolved out of sisters’ Heather and Erin’s desires to repurpose common materials and transform them into beautiful creations. Our scraps come from a local dental chair upholsterer that uses hypoallergenic cloth-back vinyl to cover their chairs. We use these scraps, that would otherwise go to a landfill, and create our jewelry and other unique products. We are conscientious in using every scrap possible so only a minimal amount goes to waste. For example, the excess cut from bag shells becomes the punched, sewn and strung pieces used for earrings and bracelets; the scraps of scraps.

Regardless of trends, who are your style muses, how do they influence you?:
We follow our passions. Our inspirations can be drawn from many sources with Mother Nature being the greatest. Inspiration strikes from the diverse cultures we explore to the simplicity of recognizing patterns and shades of colors from fallen leaves. We draw from personal experiences and design styles, as well as what we see happening within the world around us. Through meticulous studies of materials, craft, history and art we developed our fine-tuned process of rapid design development, prototyping and adjusting to create the eye-popping, show-stopping products we fabricate.

What are the things customers seek you out for?:
Our customers seek out all of our fresh designs and flare using this innovative and eco-friendly material. Especially our earrings and business card holders, which make wonderful gifts for yourself or for others. Vinyl is durable, lightweight, environmentally friendly, versatile and low maintenance. Our products will soften over time with wear and are easily cleaned without using harsh chemicals. We also offer a great variety of colorfully printed, originally illustrated cards for all occasions. With our creations, you have a truly original product design you can feel good about.
How did you learn your craft or business?:
Creating has always been a part of our lives with various skills and abilities being taught to us from family members and friends. With such a diverse background from all members of Calico, we continually are able to pull from a rich bank of innovative ideas and execute with passion. Our time spent in a variety of design schools taught us that you have to know and understand the rules before they can be broken. With our technical knowledge we continue to pursue different ventures to grow our library of talents to continue to create a diverse, yet cohesive, line of products.

What is your favorite way to put yourself in the mood for creativity or business mode?:
Being a multi-disciplinary studio, the idea of drawn inspiration applies to all aspects of our design work. We spend time outdoors drinking in the fresh air, urge open dialogue to generate a flow of ideas and occasionally plug in our headphones to sort through our ideas privately. We inspire each other to take risks and autonomously explore our own rabbit holes. These inspirations help us to think outside the box and challenge the conventional.

What advice would you give to an artist or business just starting out and/or what is the best advice you have received for your art or business?:
Priceless advice we have to share would be; maintain your authenticity, compete only with yourself, cultivate your natural talents and work from life (where the best inspirations are found).

Anything to add?:
As we develop new products, we continually fold in what we learn and find inspiring from previous generations into future generations. Everything that leaves our studio touches our hands through some combination of hand cutting, punching, stringing, sewing and painting. From our hands to yours, each piece is a hand-made labor of love.

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