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Made & Found Spotlight: cameraSHY cove


Hillary Burkett  from cameraSHY cove

Describe your style, and what you plan to bring. What are your bestsellers?:
My jewelry line is a pursuit of ‘shy beauty’ and thus made to be worn as chosen craftsmanship to bring a dash of rugged elegance to your day. My style suggests all the ways we are each so uniquely and ruggedly beautiful in layers that go far beyond the outer surface.

Regardless of trends, who are your style muses, how do they influence you?:
I have a style crush on the natural environment. My muse is consistently found in nature, in the closer examination of terrain or tiny habitats. I’m inspired by the way natural beauty doesn’t demand attention and often even hides in in either scale or location and am thus drawn to the environments in caves or inside rocks or underwater. I’m forever compelled by the way the tiny mimics the large and how the hidden can be the treasure. I love to mimic these styles in my work.

What are the things customers seek you out for?:
Customers seek me out for the rustic feminine allure of my rugged cut stone details and asymmetrical stylings in well crafted sterling settings that are both dainty and durable.
I have a wide assortment of stud earrings that tend to be best sellers alongside layering lengths of statement necklaces.

How did you learn your craft or business?:
My degree is in biology rather than art and thus I am largely self taught in my craft but learned basic Metalsmithing through a short adult education course At an art studio. From there, exploration and experimentation within the medium changed my career path greatly.

What is your favorite way to put yourself in the mood for creativity or business mode?:
Music sets my mood for making! Make it loud:)

hat advice would you give to an artist or business just starting out and/or what is the best advice you have received for your art or business?:
1. Follow what excites you. This is the unique voice you bring to the table even when the materials within a medium are the same.
2. Don’t neglect the business end of things. This is as important as your craftsmanship.

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