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Made & Found Spotlight: ZouZous Basement


Susannah Raine from ZouZous Basement

Describe your style, and what you plan to bring. What are your bestsellers?:
My style is colorful and happy! I will bring some original paintings, prints, and note Cards, and since we are still several weeks out I might make something I haven’t thought of yet! I will be including pieces from my “100 Flowers in 100 Days” series, as well as my new SLOTH!

Special this year is also my 2020 Rabbit!Rabbit! Calendar.

Regardless of trends, who are your style muses, how do they influence you?:
I’ve realized Mother Nature is my biggest muse and inspiration since I paint so many animals and flowers. Dogs in particular inspire me daily and know most of my secrets. Great colorists I love are my mentor Laura Loe, designer Tricia Guild, Amanda Evanston, and photos from India.

What are the things customers seek you out for?:
Commissions of their pets — mostly dogs but I have also painted 2 goats;
Decor for a nursery;
Something to hang in the bathroom (seriously).
People like my colors and animal expressions and the sense of joy they see in my work.

How did you learn your craft or business?:
I have been to several art schools so I suppose I am formally taught, and I go to Art Camp every year in the countryside of Virginia, but I practice practice practice every day so I guess that makes me as much self taught. I also read a ton, buy a lot of books and magazines, look at You Tube and Pinterest, and teach all ages—which is also inspiring. For the last several years I have taught Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients 2-3 times a week.

What is your favorite way to put yourself in the mood for creativity or business mode?:
I can’t really concentrate unless I’m alone, and painting g and being alone is how I get centered. Doing work on the computer does not inspire me. I get ideas each day when I walk my dog, going into shops, walking through a garden, immersing myself in color somewhere. I paint indoors because I usually work on 4 or 5 paintings at once and that requires too much stuff to haul outside. I draw outside however, and have a few cartoons I work on. I listen to Pandora and various Podcasts while I work.

What advice would you give to an artist or business just starting out and/or what is the best advice you have received for your art or business?:
Create every day.
Be open to any business opportunity that comes your way—you might not see results until later.
People love to know your story so tell them.

Anything to add?:
Candy and caffeine also help getting revved up each day!

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