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NEW: The Challenge!



All creatives need to be challenged every now and then. We all have moments where we are not inspired and need a little motivation to get our juices flowing. If this sounds familiar, raise your hand. We are a part of an incredibly creative community, and one of the amazing gifts that we can give each other is inspiration and a drive to keep going and growing.

We are starting something new motivated by these creativity slumps and the community we have. It’s called “The Challenge” and we hope you will play along (we will play too, though clearly our submissions aren’t eligible to win, they will hopefully serve as inspiration and motivation).

Every month we will post a new challenge. A word, a phrase, an idea, who knows!  Your job is to let that inspire you to create something new. These are our ground rules:

– It has to be new (it’s not inspiring to find something you made years ago and take a picture of it)

– You have to upload the picture somewhere online (facebook, instagram, flickr, your blog, etc) so you can submit the link to it.

– You can submit only one time per month

– Complete your submission by the 20th of the month

Throughout the submission window we will post some submissions that have caught our eye, to keep you inspired and motivated and possibly some exposure already.

After submissions close, we will post our top 10, then it’s up to you and everybody else to vote for your favorites so we can find the top three.

The first place winner gets their submission and link displayed on the website sidebar for a month, and all top three will be featured with their images and website links on the Challenge page, along with being featured in the blog, and probably also the newsletter.

This is less about winning a big prize, and more about inspiring, pushing, and supporting our selves, and each other. With the added bonus of exposure.
Also, since this is the first time we are doing this, we are likely to figure out changes along the way. Please keep this in mind, and “pardon the dust”. Feel free to post questions in the comment section below.

The February challenge is “Ice.”

Feel free to interpret that any way you like and use any medium of your choice.

Ready!? Create! and then submit it here!

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Author: The Handmaidens

The Handmaidens are a North Carolina collective of nine artists, designers, and crafters who create handcrafted adornments for body and home. Formed in 2004, the collective works together to participate in and produce local shopping events and trunk shows.

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