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Shop the Market, Do Good

At every Handmade Market, The Handmaidens partner with a local charity to organize a raffle benefiting their cause. Shoppers who make a donation to the charity are entered in a drawing to win goods and services donated by local and national businesses as well as some of the artists and craftspeople participating in the event.

Our partner on November 14th is Activate Good; their mission is to partner volunteers with charities in need of a workforce.

About Activate Good

Activate Good has been doing so since 2005, when a 2 month road trip inspired founders Amber Smith and Heather Leah to create an organization whose mission is to foster the volunteer spirit in others.  While on this journey, they used their own innate desire and ability for helping others and committing acts of random kindness to volunteer for various causes. This trip reinforced for them the notion that everyone has the ability to volunteer their time in such a way.  Sometimes what holds them back from doing so is confidence knowing where and how to use their talents as well as whether they can make the time to help. Activate Good has been pairing individuals and organizations with specific skills to non-profits who have a need for those skills since 2008. Activate Good acts as a intermediary providing a means for non-profit, charitable groups of finding volunteers whose skills are most compatible with their cause’s needs.  This collaboration helps folks from all walks of life learn how powerful volunteerism can be in our local community. To date, Activate Good has connected over 9200 volunteers with 310 charitable organizations.

How can you help?

From 10:00-5:00, on November 14,  there is no admission to The Handmade Market; however, cash donations are accepted in exchange for tickets for the charity raffle. The Handmade Market offers guests the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets to win glorious gift baskets, each full of wonderful items and valued at $100 or more. Donations of at least $3 allow you to purchase tickets to win spectacular swag.


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