The Handmade Market … Because "mall" is a four-letter word.

The Handmade Market … Because "mall" is a four-letter word.

A showcase of independent designers, artists, and crafters in Raleigh, NC.

Help Empower Young Minds, Support the Arts

At every HandRaF logomade Market, The Handmaidens partner with a local charity to organize a raffle benefiting their cause. Shoppers who make a donation to the charity are entered in a drawing to win goods and services donated by local and national businesses as well as some of the artists and craftspeople participating in the event.

Our partner on, Saturday, November 8 is Read and Feed whose objective is to ensure low income elementary students are affordedevery opportunity to succeed by learning to read with confidence.

About Read and Feed

Since 2006 Read and Feed has been a literacy advocate for low income and disadvantaged families in Wake County, North Carolina. Read and Feed has developed a unique model, called Feed the Reader Road Show, to teach and encourage low income elementary aged families to read together. Using a child-centric environment, books, food, tutor/mentors in a mobile classroom. Children ages 5-10 year’s old are given skills to become confident students.

How can you help?

From 11:00-5:00 there is no admission to The Handmade Market; however, cash donations are accepted in exchange for tickets for the semi-annual charity raffle. The Handmade Market offers guests the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets to win glorious gift baskets, each full of wonderful items and valued at $100 or more. Donations of at least $3 allow you to purchase tickets to win a basket.

Come to The Handmade Market — support a community of compassion

Remember The Handmade Market is next Saturday, November 8– put it on your calendar and make the Market your one stop holiday shopping destination. At Cobblestone Hall you will meet talented artists, purchase beautiful work and have the opportunity to help stamp out illiteracy one book and meal at a time.

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Artist Spotlight: Trista Hudzik Pottery

Trista Hudzik is returning to The Handmade Market with her fabulous collection of Trista Hudzik Pottery. All of Trista’s pieces are made individually by hand, either wheel thrown or hand built. Trista adds pattern, color, texture, and life to her pieces by a painstaking process of painting, carving, drying, glazing, and bisque fairing. Trista’s vessels are not only beautiful but also useful — dishwasher and microwave safe and intended for everyday use.

How did you come up with your business name? Unfortunately, my business name isn’t very creative — it is simply my name, with “pottery” at the end. I chose to use my name for my business because I was always seeing pottery in galleries with names like Tomato Pie Pottery or Spinning Cat Pottery (totally made up names by the way!) and wondering who actually made this awesome pot?

Tell us about your newest style, design, or creation. I have made a small turn in my work to spend my time focusing on making the kind of pots I really like to make! I enjoy making complicated pieces — things like candy dishes and butter dishes are a super fun way to add something new and different to your existing pottery collection. I also really love making serving sets like a sugar & creamer set or a tea set. I love the design challenge of putting several pieces together — working out not only the set within the context of the simple forms of the pots, and then considering how I will decorate the surface of each piece.

Are there any new skills or techniques that you’d like to learn? I feel like I could never stop learning! How could I possibly narrow it down to just one thing? Okay, if I had to … I would really to acquire more skills with wood working and would love to be more confident with power tools. And while this may not seem to directly relate to making pottery, it actually might just be THE most helpful set of skills I could learn. Potters are always in need of more shelving! And more tools! Also, potters need displays for their work — so if I could design and build all of these things on my own it would be amazing!

Which artists are you most excited to see at The Handmade Market? WOW! After reviewing the list of artists, I am excited to see so many of them! I love Elena Caron‘s sweet flowers and embroidery, all of the Metamorphasis Metals creations are fantastic, and my personal favorite is always Mood Swing. I covet her work!

What was your first concert? Your all-time fave? My first concert was at the West Virginia State Fair to see Conway Twitty! My mother, my grandparents, and I would venture up there every summer. I got to see a lot of really amazing country music legends at the West Virginia State Fair when I was growing up. I feel pretty grateful for that! My favorite? Well, there is this band called Lucero (sigh) that I can’t get enough of. I’ve seen them more times than I count on both fingers. Also, I got to see Jack White a few years ago at The Orange Peel in Asheville with his all female band.

What’s your favorite Halloween costume? Halloween is my favorite holiday! (Any excuse to wear a costume!) My favorite halloween costume might’ve been the year I was a flapper. I love to imagine what life was like at a different time. I went all out! It was super fun!

Be sure to visit Trista’s booth at The Handmade Market on November 8. Her pottery would make a great gift for friends who fill their homes with fun and functional art. {And if you happen to see the lovely Kristen Randall of Mood Swing today, wish her a very happy birthday!}

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Elizabeth Galecke Photo Booth

Have you heard? Our friend and one of our very most favorite photographers, Elizabeth Galecke, is setting up a photo booth just for the November 8th Handmade Market. For $30, you can sit for a professional photo session and receive a 5×7 print of your shot. This is an outstanding and rare opportunity to have a fantastic portrait taken by the best around. Elizabeth is a very special person and we are grateful that she is sharing her talent and time with us.

Elizabeth Galecke Photobooth

Elizabeth Galecke Photobooth

To get your wheels spinning about what moment she can capture for you, how about one of the following ideas:

  • Headshot for your website, LinkedIn profile, or a dating site. Enough with the selfie!
  • You and your children. We know you never get in front of the camera, so just do it. Your children will thank you. Plus, you are beautiful. Really.
  • Your kids in their Halloween costumes. We know you can’t get a good shot of them in the dark or with a flash in your kitchen.
  • Your kids in their holiday finest. You can get your holiday cards ordered early for once! Yay you!
  • You and your spouse. We bet you haven’t had a professional photo taken since your wedding.
  • You and your best friend(s). Capture the cuteness!
  • You and your dog. Yes, bring your dog, or lizard, or pet monkey. We are not responsible for lost pets, however.

See? The possibilities are endless — you definitely do not want to miss this!

A little bit about the wonder woman behind the lens: Elizabeth has been photographing in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and surrounding areas of North Carolina, including the beach and mountains for 19 years. She specializes in fine art portraits using medium format film which is printed by hand in the darkroom, as well as digital formats. Her portraits capture the subject in a casual, comfortable environment using the outdoors, your home, or her studio as a backdrop. She photographs a wide array of subjects including: bridal portraits, maternity, children, families, senior portraits, and her specialty, Day in the Life. Aside from giving generously of her talent and time to local non-profits and charities, she does fabulous commercial work as well. Please visit her site to view her portfolio or visit the parking deck at North Hills to see more of her talent. Yes, those fabulous black and white photographs that help you find your parking space are her work!

Please contact Elizabeth to make your appointment at


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Artist Spotlight: Liz Kelly Pottery

Raleigh-based artist Liz Kelly is the owner/maker of Liz Kelly Pottery. This fantastically talented returning artist specializes in contemporary, wheel-thrown pots whose design aesthetic is steeped in time-honored craft traditions.

How did you come up with your business name? After coming up with 1,001 cheesy pottery business names (imagine the comedic material! Spin Dr., Quick & Dirty…), I quit this nonsense and stuck with Liz Kelly Pottery. I want my work to be connected with my name since I’m connected to the work. It just felt weird to have an anonymous company name if it’s really me making it. Also, I see it as a way to keep 100% accountable to the things I make. No one wants to make junk and put their name on it! Check back next year, I’ll probably be running under the cover of Clay Cuties or something equally laughable!

Tell us about your newest design. The simple polka dot mug is really doing it for me these days. I wanted to do some kind of grid-inspired allover design, and the polka dots are it! I also have a variation of it for large bowls that changes the size of dots in order to accentuate the curve of the bowl. I love a simple decoration that makes a form sing.

Are there any new skills or techniques that you’d like to learn? In the next year I’d like to step up my overall seller game. I’m in the application process for the Launch program offered by the Visual Art Exchange in hopes of some good structure and mentorship. It’s like grad school in a business/maker kind of way. I’ll never be done learning and growing!

Is there a new item(s) that you’d like to share? I’m really enjoying these.

Which artists are you most excited to see at The Handmade Market? I’m loving the looks of TL Jewelry Designs‘ wooden hoop earrings and Trista Hudzik‘s scrumptious looking pots!

What was your first concert and/or all-time favorite concert? My very memorable first show was Clutch seen at the Cat’s Cradle, and my favorite show may be Israel Vibration. They have synchronized dance moves with their crutches! Badass.

What’s your favorite Halloween memory? I hate Halloween, but one time we knocked over all the neighbor’s candles in paper bags and watched them burn up. That was pretty fun. This is an incriminating question!

Be sure to visit Liz Kelly Pottery’s table at The Handmade Market on Saturday, November 8. Check out her rich colors and mesmerizing forms. You’ll want one for you and one for someone you love.

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Artist Spotlight: S.Tector Metals

Sarah Tector is the artistic voice behind S.Tector Metals. Her less is more design philosophy is evident in beautifully conceived and fabricated production jewelry lines. Sarah is equally comfortable creating custom, one-of-a-kind, and limited edition jewelry that possess a sculptural, yet feminine aesthetic. Sarah not only creates her  work using traditional metals like sterling silver, gold, platinum, and base metals but has also worked in acrylic, resin, and vinyl. The unifying thread in Sarah’s work is her ability to allow a single, simple element, speak to the audience.

S. Tector Metals
raffle donor

How did you come up with your business name? Using the first initial of my given name plus my last name and the material I work with the most, my business name illustrates my clean-and-simple mantra. I intentionally chose a gender neutral name so that my work gets in the door first without any judgment as to who made it.

Tell us about your newest style, design, or creation. My current work revisits previous designs in my portfolio. I’ve opted to either ramp them up a bit with color or re-imagine the pieces in new material(s).  Some of my wire work has been updated with a new source of color via enamel paint. This addition, to previously solid sterling silver work, provides unexpected highlights. I’ve also been experimenting with various methods of working with the waxes for my signature cast pieces. The results have been really fun.

Are there any new skills or techniques that you’d like to learn? My hope is to, actually, make some time to revisit techniques I have learned during classes I’ve attended in the last year, including: working in wood, steel, and some forming techniques.

Is there a new item that you’d like to share? I am really excited to share a couple of collections: Bronze featuring cast teeth, bones, beads, and bangles and Enamel Paint Earrings.

Which artists are you most excited to see at The Handmade Market? The new artists whose work I can’t wait to see are: Casey Sewell Freeman Ceramics, TL Jewelry Designs, and Juniper Bay Metals. My go-to favorites are metamorphosis metals and zass design.

What was your first concert and/or all-time favorite concert? I think Lollapalooza was my first concert. I seem to recall the Beastie Boys, circa Intergalactic being involved. My all time favorite has to the most recent Jack White concert in Columbia, SC.

What’s your favorite Halloween costume and memory? My favorite costume had to be Medusa. I wore this long black halter dress accessorized with metal snakes I made, of course, woven in my hair. My favorite Halloween memory happened when I was 3-ish. Our neighborhood did a mini haunted house. I was a bit nervous going through the house, but my dad was at the end, dressed as a ghost, giving all the kids candy.

Be sure to visit S.Tector Metals’ table at The Handmade Market on Saturday, November 8. Check out her newest bronze collection. You’ll love it.

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