The Handmade Market … Because "mall" is a four-letter word.

The Handmade Market … Because "mall" is a four-letter word.

A showcase of independent designers, artists, and crafters in Raleigh, NC.

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Thanks goes to our fine sponsor: City Market


Guess who is turning 100 this year? That’s right, City Market! Can you believe it? I wonder what it was like in downtown Raleigh 100 years ago?

citymarketcollageI think that’s Cobblestone Hall, home of The Handmade Market, looking at it from Martin Street. I’m sure not one of you would turn down some fresh local produce grown like it was back in 1914! This was THE place in Raleigh to get poultry, seafood, produce, baked goods and even flowers until the mid 1940′s. Once the exciting and new super market hit the scene, things slowed down at City Market. It’s gone through many changes since those old days.

We’re grateful that City Market has since been recognized by the National Register of Historic Places. For that reason it’s still around for all to enjoy!

Did you know that City Market includes way more than just Cobblestone Hall? It is the area of downtown Raleigh located between S Blount St, E Martin St, Person St, and E Davie St. Tucked inside those streets are the quaint Parham, Wolfe, and Blake streets. Have you been downtown for First Friday lately? This is where you’ll walk among white lights strung over cobblestone streets. It’s where retail shops and restaurants extend their hours and live music plays out on the street. There are street performers and corn hole games. It’s where you just may feel like you are out of town on a little vacation. When in fact, you are really enjoying a little piece of history right here at home! Check it out on Friday, May 2nd.

After you have enjoyed First Friday, come back on Saturday, May 3rd for The Handmade Market! We get to use the same building in the very way it was first intended, as a Market!

And remember, there is ALWAYS something going on in City Market. Check out the calendar of events on their website and keep an eye out for information about how we can all continue to celebrate 100 years of City Market!

Thanks City Market for sponsoring The Handmade Market from the minute we stepped foot onto your beautiful cobblestone streets!

artist spotlight: tiny peepers

Returning to the Handmade Market is a local favorite (and ours, too), Tiny Peepers by the talented Kelly Smith. She screen prints everything by hand in her small home studio to create nostalgic and thoughtful gifts.

How do you define and measure success for yourself and your business? I think a successful business is one that works on all levels–it’s creative and enjoyable to have, it’s engaging but doesn’t take over your personal life, and it generates income. I started tiny peepers mostly as creative outlet, but now, four years later, it’s become an important part of my family’s financial support. Just by the nature of the business, sometimes it takes over my personal life, but usually it fits in really well with my family’s schedule.

When work gets really intense, do you lean in or step back? Tell us how and why that approach works for you and your biz. When work starts to get intense, I step back–I lay around and procrastinate for a while, eat potato chips, and read Tiny Buddha posts on Facebook. For some reason, this helps me refocus when the real crunch times come. I like managing the business side during the week, and the creative side when I have longer stretches of time on the weekends.

How do you connect with other creative types? Does this happen online, in person, or some of both? I connect with others mostly through other makers who live here, but I also love meeting other artists at craft shows. There’s a WHOLE WORLD of fantastic artists and warm-hearted people out there. The added bonus of taking trips to new cities for work is the best!

Is there a new item that you’d like to share on our blog? I’m *hoping* to have a new North Carolina design finished in time for the Handmade Market. It’s still in the early creative stages, so no sneak peeks yet!

What’s your favorite tv show to binge-watch? Lately I’ve been catching up on New Girl on Netflix and Hulu. I actually don’t watch much tv.

What city should you really live in? For now, I’m completely happy living in Raleigh, but it’s not yet able to support something I’m totally obsessed with–Tiny Houses. If I didn’t have two growing boys, I’d sell my fairly small house and build a tiny one. I can see myself doing this one day. Maybe I can rent out my current house, and put my Tiny House behind it and live in my own back yard! I think it’a growing movement that will continue to be more and more realistic as people yearn for a low/no mortgage lifestyle, free of excess clutter and full of doing what you love. Sounds divine to me.

We love to see Kelly’s beautiful smile all day at the Handmade Market and we think you will, too. Hopefully she’ll have that new North Carolina design ready to make its debut!

artist spotlight: birds at noon

Ruchi Gupta is the everything behind the ceramic studio Birds at Noon. Ruchi left the corporate world behind to study pottery — a journey of exploration, expression, and creation. You’ll find a mixture of both printed and hand-painted designs on her pieces. There is an influence from her upbringing in India in her work: the rich colors and architecture.

How do you define and measure success for yourself and your business? If I am able to churn out more designs with improved quality and people respond to it, I am happy and content.

When work gets really intense, do you lean in or step back? Tell us how and why that approach works for you and your biz. Challenge and a little stress always works for me, I happen to be more productive under pressure … one reason may be because of my upbringing in India, which has been very competitive, and then decade long work in the corporate world.

How do you connect with other creative types? Does this happen online, in person, or some of both? As I am a beginner it is more online as of now, but by impulse I reach out to people who creatively motivate me. Online is very easy to reach out.

Is there a new item that you’d like to share on our blog? I am very attracted towards the archways and gateways … so in my latest bottle lanterns I have tried to carve some archways that are motivated by the old forts and palaces in India.

What’s your favorite TV show to binge-watch? Downton Abbey

What city should you really live in? Richmond, where I live now — here, past meets present.

Check out more great photos of Ruchi’s work on FaceBook or Instagram.  And be sure to stop by the Birds at Noon table at The Handmade Market on Saturday, May 3 to say hello — maybe she can give you some advice on making the big switch from corporate life to a life of art!

Check out the May 3rd Artist Gallery!

Hooray, the line-up of participating artists for The Handmade Market on May 3rd is live! Click on the image below for the full list.

Stay tuned for lots of spotlights on artists, food vendors, and sponsors for The Handmade Market on May 3rd! Enjoy the sneak peek!

Artist Notifications have been sent!

As of this afternoon, all applicants have been informed of their application status. If you applied and did not see your notification email yet, check your spam folders. If it’s not in there either, send us an email, and we will update you.

Thank you to all who applied! We are excited about the artists that will be at The Handmade Market on May 3rd, we thank those who are currently wait-listed for their patience, and are sorry for those who didn’t make it in — we all know how much it hurts to get that “thanks, but sorry” email. 

For those of you wait-listed or not accepted into the show, we want to point you to two really well written posts that the Richmond Craft Mafia shared regarding the selection process and sending out these notices for their shows. Their words echo our thoughts and sentiments each and every time we have to send these emails out, and they may help you understand the process a little better or answer any questions you may have. No, reading them will not make it any more fun receiving a wait-list or not-accepted notice, but they may help with the hows and whys involved in the process.

Decisions, decisions

The Waiting Game

Thanks a million to the Richmond Craft Mafia for sharing these posts.

With love + craftiness,
The Handmaidens

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