The Handmade Market … Because "mall" is a four-letter word.

The Handmade Market … Because "mall" is a four-letter word.

A showcase of independent designers, artists, and crafters in Raleigh, NC.

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Love Reloved

Our friend Ashlee of My So Called Crafty Life has something extra special to smile about this holiday season. She has three projects featured in the November edition of Reloved magazine. And one of them is on the COVER!

My So Called Crafty Life blog has supported The Handmade Market and we thank her again for that. If you love thrifting, if you love creating, if you love DIY, or even if you love watching someone else do all that, you’ll want to go check out her blog!

Congratulations Ashlee!

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Help Empower Young Minds, Support the Arts

At every HandRaF logomade Market, The Handmaidens partner with a local charity to organize a raffle benefiting their cause. Shoppers who make a donation to the charity are entered in a drawing to win goods and services donated by local and national businesses as well as some of the artists and craftspeople participating in the event.

Our partner on Saturday, November 8 is Read and Feed, whose objective is to ensure that low income elementary students are afforded every opportunity to succeed by learning to read with confidence.

About Read and Feed

Since 2006, Read and Feed has been a literacy advocate for low income and disadvantaged families in Wake County, North Carolina. Read and Feed has developed a unique model called Feed the Reader Road Show to teach and encourage low income elementary aged families to read together. Using a child-centric environment, books, food, and tutors/mentors in a mobile classroom, children ages 5-10 years old are given skills to become confident students.

How can you help?

From 11 am – 5 pm there is no admission fee for The Handmade Market; however, cash donations are accepted in exchange for tickets for the semi-annual charity raffle. The Handmade Market offers guests the opportunity to purchase raffle tickets to win glorious gift baskets, each full of wonderful items and valued at $100 or more. Donations of at least $3 allow you to purchase tickets to win a basket.

Come to The Handmade Market — support a community of compassion

Remember The Handmade Market is next Saturday, November 8 — put it on your calendar and make the Market your one stop holiday shopping destination. At Cobblestone Hall you will meet talented artists, purchase beautiful works, and have the opportunity to help stamp out illiteracy one book and meal at a time.

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Our sponsor City Market celebrates 100 years!

CMLogo-CelebratingOh City Market, you don’t look a day over 75!

Historic City Market, that fabulous area in downtown Raleigh filled with restaurants, shops, and art galleries recently turned 100!

City Market opened its doors on September 30, 1914. It was THE place in Raleigh to get poultry, seafood, produce, baked goods, and even flowers. It was a place where vendors sold their goods side by side. That was in the 1920s and 30s. In the 40s, the ‘supermarket’ hit the scene, and things slowed down for City Market. A long time went by before City Market made a comeback — by 1959 the cobblestone streets had been paved over and Market Hall had been sold.

When City Market was recognized by the National Register of Historic Places, revitalization efforts began. Even the asphalt was chipped away to reveal the cobblestones once again. The Handmade Market is held in Cobblestone Hall, the very spot that was once Market Hall. Step into the market and feel the history.

Have you been downtown for First Friday lately? It’s one of our favorite City Market offerings, where you’ll walk among white lights strung over cobblestone streets. Retail shops and restaurants extend their hours. Street performers, corn hole games, and live music spill out onto the streets. It’s where you just may feel like you are out of town on a little vacation, when in fact, you are really enjoying a little piece of history right here at home!

And did you get to shop at the Raleigh City Farmers’ Market this summer?  They set up under the awnings at Cobblestone Hall every Wednesday from 4 to 7 pm. They’ll be back next spring, so tuck that in the back of your mind!

There is ALWAYS something going on in City Market. Check out the calendar of events on their website to see what you and your family can be a part of.

Start with The Handmade Market! Help us give a big shout of THANKS to City Market for being a top sponsor. They have sponsored The Handmade Market from the minute we stepped foot onto their beautiful cobblestone streets!

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Introducing another new sponsor: BRWN Fox Creative

We are excited about our new sponsor Brwn Fox Creative, and you should be too! In fact, if the logo alone caught your eye, then the mastermind behind Brwn Fox Creative, Jenell Gilyard, has done just what she intended to do. She specializes in branding small businesses, and this is hers! She also creates print and web design. You know what they say about a busy person? Busy people get things done! And Jenell Gilyard gets things done!

She not only has graphic design skills, she also loves to sew! Check out her Sewing and DIY blog, The Brwn Fox Creative Chronicles.

The fact that you are reading this on The Handmade Market website indicates at least one of the following:

  • you like to shop handmade
  • you like to support small businesses
  • you like art, design, and creativity in general
  • you have started or want to start your own business
  • or you are just curious about what those Handmaidens are always talking about!

It seems that Brwn Fox Creative could be a help with just about any of the above! Do you have a craft or skill that you would like to push from a hobby to a business? Jenell can help you create your first impression. You only get one chance for that! Through Social Media we have a world of potential customers at our fingertips. Don’t you want to make a great first impression? Working with Brwn Fox Creative is a perfect way to help your business while supporting another small business.


She is also a founding partner in Pretty Girls Sew. This is a collaboration of  five women who met through Instagram. I just LOVE that! People wonder why a hashtag is used? Well, here’s a great example of how five women from across the country got together through social media! #sewing

If you like to sew or want to learn more about sewing, please check out the Pretty Girls Sew website. They have a monthly Sew Along Challenge, they have an online magazine, and they have tutorials. You’ll get swept away looking through it all {in a good way!}

They will even be hosting a SEWcial in Austin, Texas in June 2015!

pgs_sewcial_2015We {The Handmaidens} think it’s worth your time to check out Brwn Fox Creative. We want to extend a great big ‘thank you’ to Jenell Gilyard for investing in The Handmade Market. Please help us with that by checking out Brwn Fox Creative!

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Artist Spotlight: Juniper Bay Metals

Stacy Sawyer Phebus of Raleigh-based Juniper Bay Metals got hooked on metalworking while attending East Carolina University.  We think she owes a bouquet of flowers to the friend who encouraged her to take a metals class that ultimately changed her path.

Juniper Bay Metals
new artist
raffle donor

How did you come up with your business name? I decided on my business name for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the name represents my family’s coastal history. I felt it was important for me to give a nod to my past because it’s a huge part of who I am. Having grown up the daughter of a fisherman in eastern North Carolina, I often heard my dad and his buddies speaking of the best fishing spots. Juniper Bay was one such spot and the name always resonated. I like the way it feels, the imagery it conjures. It’s a beautiful coastal area along the “Inner Banks” where the Pamlico Sound meets the marshlands of Swan Quarter, NC. And since a lot of my work, for years, has been influenced by treasures of the sea, it just made sense.

The juniper branch logo ties the place, the name, and my aesthetic together: raw, simply refined, nature-derived designs.

Tell us about your newest style, design, or creation.  Sea creatures – their shapes, textures and forms – have been an inspiration of mine for years. I’ve been focusing on developing my Urchin line this year. Some pieces in the series are raw silver or copper. Others are enameled in a kiln or by using a torch. This method allows me to achieve rich, colorful surfaces that compliment the forms and their textures really nicely.

Are there any new skills or techniques that you’d like to learn? How might this new craft fit with your current method(s)? One technique I’d like to explore more deeply is lost-wax casting. I’ve done this type of casting in the past, but it’s been several years since I’ve had access to the special tools and equipment needed. While I love fabricating work and would continue to do so, it would be really awesome to incorporate cast elements into my work.

Is there a new item that you’d like to share?  Wax Yellow Urchin Necklace

Which artist(s) are you most excited to see at The Handmade Market? I’m super excited Tara Locklear will be at The Handmade Market this year! I just adore her work. She and I came up through the same Metal Design program at East Carolina University School of Art & Design, but were were there at different times. I haven’t actually met her yet, but I’ve been a big fan of her work for a while. Hoping to finally meet her (and buy a piece!) at the market.

What was your first concert and/or all-time favorite concert? My first real concert was DEF LEPPARD at the Norfolk Scope in VA. Ha! I’m showing my age, right?! I was in 7th grade and a friend’s dad took us. Bless his heart, he was not into it at all. When they played their hit ballad “Love Bites” thousands of lighters waved back and forth in the crowd. Classic.

My all-time favorite concert? Gosh, that’s so tough. I think it would have to be Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings at Cat’s Cradle several years ago, 2006 maybe? The band, Sharon, the vocals, the sheer energy of the show – everything was amazing. And I danced all night with really good friends. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Be sure to visit Staci and sing something from Pyromania while shopping for your new Urchin necklace at The Handmade Market on Saturday, November 8.

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