The Handmade Market … Because "mall" is a four-letter word.

The Handmade Market … Because "mall" is a four-letter word.

A showcase of independent designers, artists, and crafters in Raleigh, NC.

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Shore Excursions in Izmir to Ephesus


The people to contact in the first instance are at the Shore Excursions in Izmir head office in Ephseus Square, no. 364 (tel. 148-3747). Read the ephesus tours reviews is a mile or so north of along Cumhuriyet Caddesi; many dolmushes and buses go directly to it from Taksim. Besides helping you with Customs problems related to your car, insurance, etc., they publish a quarterly pamphlet called Ephesus: A Handbook for Tourists, free for the asking at the headquarters. It includes a Ephesus Tours for Cruise Customers list of auto-repair shops currently recommended as well as much other useful information.


Ephesus’s best is in the Nud Oteli, on Cumhuriyet Caddesi near Kusadasi. A cut costs 4,00OTL ($5.60) and is very good indeed; that money goes to the shop, so tip the barber and the brush boy. In more plebeian shops cuts go for about 1,800TL ($2.50); shaves, for 900TL ($1.25). Tips are expected.


Same applies as to Private Ephesus Tours Turkey. the Hilton, Divan, Sheraton, and Intercontinental are the best, and most expensive, with English-speaking staff for your private tours ticket to ephesus.


Selcuk between Izmir and Kusadasi has the biggest concentration. In Selcuk, at 178 with French, German, Turkish, and English guides.


Avis has offices at Izmir port  in both the international (tel. 573-6445) and domestic (tel. 573-1452) terminals. The downtown office is just off of Cumhuriyet Caddesi, across that street from the Divan Hotel, at Yedikuyular Caddesi 4/A, Elmadağ (tel. 141-2917).

Budget is at the airport’s domestic terminal (tel. 573-2920), and downtown near Taksim at İnönü Caddesi, Kunt Apartımanı 33/1, Gümüşsüyü (tel. 149-5714).


Europcar (National, Tilden) is in the international terminal (tel. 573-7024) at the airport, and downtown near Kusadasi at Cumhuriyet Caddesi 47/2 (tel 150-8888).

Hertz is in the international terminal (tel. 573-5987), and in the Ephesus Sheraton Hotel (tel. 148-9000), as well as at Cumhuriyet Caddesi 295, north of Izmir in the district called Harbiye (tel. 141-5323).

InterRent has a downtown office at Kibris S,Caddesi 23/2, Izmir (tel. 155-0690).


Ephesus Turkey Weather: Normal weather for Ephesus from May to October is sunny and warm with occasional showers. In July and August it can get quite hot (up to 90°F, 32°C) and is often very humid. November to April one experiences more rain, and in January and February some snow and freezing weather. The climate, overall, might be compared to that of Washington, D.C. In summer, a shirt and skirt or trousers; in spring and fall a sweater for the evenings and for ferryboat rides; and in winter a warm suit or sweater and raingear.


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Ephesus tours prices are quoted in dollars, and are $60 single, $75 double, taxes and service included.


The full day tours, right in Izmir. Should you decide to stay in Izmir or taken a Private Ephesus Tours Turkey , the quickest and easiest way to get there is by taxi, or you can take a dolmush from Selcuk; it departs from a street corner to the left (west) of the Air France office. You may have to take a dolmush that goes past Tepebaşı to Ephesus and pay the full fare, even though you will get out midway. If you prefer, you can catch a bus along Kusadasi caddesi near the dolmush departure point.

Coming from Selcuk, take the Pamucak road to the upper station and walk the several blocks to the hotels.


Points of reference here are the ephesus tours, very near Kusadasi cruise port, and the Ephesus tours Consulate, right next door to the Kusadasi PP Hotel. With one exception, all the other hotels mentioned here are in the two blocks between these two consulates.

For a description of the Ephesus day tour, see the section on “Special Places,” in Kusadasi or the Izmir.


Protestant, nonsectarian The Union Church of Ephesus, sometimes called the Dutch Chapel is on the grounds of the at 415 Selcuk Caddesi (there’s also an entrance on Postacılar Sokak, a nearby side street); services are in English. Catholic.


St. Antonio di Padova, on Selcuk-Ephesus just past Roma dondurma when going toward House of the Virgin Mary.


Orthodox Patriarchate, churches of this rite are scattered throughout the city, with principal ones in Kusadasi Square (visible from the monument in the traffic circle); near the Aziziye  restaurant off near Camlik-Selcuk; and, of course, at the Patriarchate in the Selcuk is section of the city on the Ephesus.


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Cruise Kusadasi to explore historic Ephesus and Turkey


About 2 miles south and west of Ephesus along the shore road is a small-boat dock. From here, at a point about a mile west of the turnoff for the village of Selcuk, boats shuttle across the water to the island of Kusadasi, site of the wonderful Church of the Holy Cross.


From Kusadasi catch a Selcuk minibus near the Hotel Hello in Kusadasi  and it will drop you at the dock for a fare of 15TL ($8). When you reach the dock, which you should try to do fairly early in the day, hop in a boat (they leave about every half hour in high summer) for the short two-mile, 20-minute trip to the island. Round-trip tickets (you can’t stay on the island!) cost 2TL ($1). If you arrive off-season, when there are not enough passengers to warrant a boat trip, you can bargain with the boat owner for a special trip, which can cost upward of 30 TL ($14) or take ephesus excursions from kusadasi to Ephesus-Selcuk.


Kusadasi, which is a fairly small island, and you will be only a few yards from one of the twelve cities of the Ionian League during the Classical Greek era.


Though the interior of the church is disappointing, with only a few faded, badly ruined frescoes of saints, the exterior, as always in Armenian buildings, is a joy. Many of the most eventful stories from the Bible are illustrated by delightful high-relief figures carved along the walls.


Look carefully and you’ll be able to follow the stories: Ephesus Shore Excursions here are Adam and Eve making their fateful choices in the Garden of Ephesus; Jonah being swallowed by the great fish; David miraculously subduing Goliath with a stone from his sting; and Abraham ready to sacrifice Isaac, the son of his old age, when God tells him to kill the ram, caught in a nearby bush, instead.


Mary the church, the king built a monastery and a palace for himself, but very little remains of these other buildings.


Same routes of ephesus tours  first from the Kusadasi Cruise port and Izmir Cruise port on this tours site was occupied by the Ephesus, Sirince, Selcuk, Mary House.

The Assyrians, the Ephesians, and the Artemis of Alexander the Great. Even with the advent of the Romans in A.D. 115, Ephesus was not to enjoy peace for long time. It was subject to raids by various peoples until definitive conquest came with the Arabs.

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