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What a great day it was for everyone at the the 22nd edition of The Handmade Market this weekend! We were so worried about the predicted rain and so happy that it stayed away! We had an amazing turn out!  On behalf of all the fabulous artists, thank you for putting us in your plans and taking the time to stop in and shop! We had such fun getting to know new artists and chatting it up with so many new shoppers! It’s always exciting when someone new discovers The Handmade Market and all the talented artisans.

When we started The Handmade Market we wanted a place for artists to put their creations in front of excited shoppers who appreciate their work! The Handmade Market has built a great following and we thank you, but our artists REALLY thank you!

I think we can speak for many of the artists when we say: We don’t make things just to sell them. We make things because we can’t NOT make things! That’s what it’s like in our idea churning heads! So thank you again for coming to check out all the pretties and allowing us to keep those ideas coming!

deco250A very special thank you from The Handmaidens goes to our top-level sponsor — DECO! If you haven’t stopped in to their 2nd store DECO home, please do! It is fabulous!

And now our BIGGEST SHOUT OUT goes to YOU, the contributor to our chosen charity The Beehive Collective. YOU, who gave a little cash so that The Beehive Collective can continue to give to others. Together with YOU, we raised $488.35 so that they can award more grants to local non-profits, benefiting our whole community. One of our favorite parts of The Handmade Market is knowing that we helped give a little to others. And can you even believe the goodness inside those raffle baskets? There were people standing around at 5 o’clock waiting for the drawing! There were some VERY happy winners!!

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If you have a story to share about your day at The Handmade Market, we would really love to hear from you. If you took photos at the event be sure to hashtag handmademarketnc. In fact it’s not too late to take some pics of your purchases! We’d love to see what you just couldn’t go home without!!!

The Handmaidens

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