The Handmade Market Spotlight: R&B Printery

Robin & Brannon Carter from R&B Printery

Describe your style, influences, inspiration, and what you plan to bring:
We love the handwritten note. We are anti pack rats and keep almost nothing for sentimental reasons, but we hang on to notes written to us by our parents, encouraging notes from friends and love notes we wrote to each other. We encourage the handwritten note because of the connection it allows us with others. We will be bringing our bestselling letterpress printed greeting cards –
all created using 100% post consumer recycled papers and envelopes. We’re also jazzed to introduce ourselves to the Handmade Market community!

In you experience, what has been your best venue for selling your work:
Etsy and Shopify have always been good to us. But we love getting out and meeting people face to face at shows like Handmade Market. It allows us to introduce what we do to people in different areas around the US. We love it when someone remembers meeting us when life events happen and they invite us to be a part of it by printing something custom for their weddings or business launches. We love the emails that start “We met you at such and such and love your work!”.

What is your favorite way to put yourself in the mood for creativity?:
Music on. Windows open. Nothing on the agenda. That’s when the ideas come.

What is the weirdest job you have ever had?:
We used to live in and run a group home for behaviorally disordered teenaged girls. We were the “teaching parents” and worked towards a goal of family reunification. We didn’t sleep for that entire year, but we still keep in touch with the girls and some of their families. It was a blessing to help families get through some tough times together.

Which artist at The Handmade Market are you excited to see/meet?:
We’re always excited to be a part of events alongside our friends from Oakleaf Pottery – fellow Spartanburg artists. Also excited to check out some of the new jewelry design work by Zass Design. Such fun designs!

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For the full vendor gallery, and all the details you’ll ever need about The Handmade Market, go here! See you May 13th!

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