Apply for the November 11th Holiday Handmade Market below, we will accept applications until September 19th. Whether you have applied or sold at The Handmade Market before, please review the Application Guidelines & Event Information Page for updated details.

*** If your application seems completed, yet the submit button is not working, it’s likely because you either didn’t add enough images to your application (3 product images required) or you don’t have one marked as “booth” yet (1 display image is required)***

If you have applied and were unable to complete the application fee at that time, here is a direct link to the Application Fee.

If you have any more questions about the show, chances are you can find answers here.

We now require yout Sales & Use registration at the time of application.
IF you are from out of state, and plan to apply for a NC S&U number once accepted enter “out of state” instead of a number.
IF you have applied for a S&U number and have not yet received it, enter “applied” instead of a number.
For more information on this, including helpful links, please refer to our FAQ page.

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