Urban Vintage Spotlight: Inherited Vintage


Sabrina Heise from Inherited Vintage

Describe your style, influences, inspiration, and what you plan to bring:
My inspirations and influences are currently 1990s rom-coms: Meg Ryan in Breton striped shirts, pleated khakis, oversized button-downs and longline blazers in French Kiss. Andi McDowell in an endless wardrobe of tailored ivory and gray pieces in Four Weddings & a Funeral. Marisa Tomei in that INSANE ivory cutout dress in Only You.

I plan to bring a fair amount of quality 90s pieces in silk, linen, cotton, rayon, and wool. I also will be bringing mix-and-matchable separates and dresses from the 1930s to 1980s!

Who are your style crushes/vintage icons/fashion muses, and why/how do they influence you?:
Diane Keaton, always. She made wearing menswear cool in the 1970s and has been rocking tailored slacks, blazers, and vests with panache ever since. She has turned her wardrobe into a uniform of neutrals and structured pieces, and it transcends eras. She looks timeless, always. Also, her Instagram game (@diane_keaton) is perfection. I also love the 1930s “street style” photography of the Seeburger brothers, mostly because it hones in on the strong menswear inspiration of women’s fashion of that era, as well.

What are the things customers seek you out for?
Quality vintage pieces that can easily function within a modern wardrobe — either as a standout statement piece like a party dress, or as a timeless, classic item like a leather handbag or a structured blazer.

Where can customers usually shop your wares?
My online shop &  at shows.

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