Urban Vintage Spotlight: Olde Grove Designs


Allyson Naylor from Olde Grove Designs

Describe your style, influences, inspiration, and what you plan to bring:
I am a lover of flowers, ribbon, and all things vintage. Anytime I can combine these things together, I am a happy girl. I worked in a gift shop/florist for 6 years while in high school and college. There I gained my love for creating and displaying products. In college, I studied history, which led to my love of vintage home design. After I graduated college and entered my current career, the creative side of me missed the fun of creating products and helping customers love their home through decor. So I began a wreath making business as an outlet for my creativity. While my business began primarily as a “wreath” business, I like to look beyond the traditional idea of a “wreath” for door and wall decor. I love turning “out-of-the-box” items such as wheels, cutting boards, vintage cookie sheets/cake pans, boat paddles, etc. in to floral home decor, arrangements, or wall hangings. I also use vintage and vintage inspired items such as tea cups, bowls, and tins as vessels for floral arrangements. Other products that I offer: floral arrangements, floral wall hangings, wreaths, floral and wooden door decor, embroidery hoop wreaths, floral ring wreaths, wooden door decor and signs that incorporate florals, ribbon wrapped wreaths, and flower crowns.

Who are your style crushes/vintage icons/fashion muses, and why/how do they influence you?:
I think my design choices are fueled in part by nostalgia and in part by Scarlet O’Hara. I remember watching the scene in Gone with the Wind, when Scarlet looks at her mama’s beloved curtains and sees a dress. I was just a kid, but can clearly remember the “ah-ha” moment I had with that scene. Things don’t have to be what everybody else sees! You can make anything what you want it to be. It’s all about perspective. You might see an old crisco can, but I see the perfect vessel for a table arrangement!

What are the things customers seek you out for?
I love to constantly change designs up, so I rarely make the same thing twice. Many of my products will be one-of-a-kind designs that I will not replicate. Styles are so eclectic, and people like to find that unique item that no one else can say they have. Nostalgia also fuels a lot purchases! Part of the fun of shopping for vintage items is thinking of the story behind where the product came from. I love not only being able to make someone’s home beautiful, but being able to share with them products that have a rich history.

What’s your favorite thing about your city?
I’m from a really small town right off of Interstate 40 in Sampson County, famous for a traffic circle and being a good place to stop for ice cream on the way to the beach. There isn’t much to it, but it’s where all of my family is from. It’s where all of my family went to school going back to my grandmother, where my parents met, and where I discovered my love of flowers. It’s also where I got my name! When my town was originally founded, it was referred to as the “New Town at the Grove” which was eventually shortened to Newton Grove. Well, technically there is still a “grove”, but I would say it’s pretty old now. Hence my name, Olde Grove Designs.

Where can customers usually shop your wares?
I sell at shows.

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