Urban Vintage Spotlight: Posy


Laura Browning from Posy

[ground floor]

Describe your style, influences, inspiration, and what you plan to bring:
Posy is about vintage comfort. Laura got her start fixing up old houses with her Dad and has been inspired by the old homes she’s visited over the years, whether in small town Illinois as a child or present day coastal Maine. Laura strives to find quality pieces that will lend a storied history to any home. Posy’s booth will be full of quality kitchen goods, books, cozy linens, & cozy staples like warm brass, thermoses and creative storage (metal and wooden tool caddies/boxes). I’ll have barware, quirky planters, and artwork. Posy will also have small furniture pieces, fun games & colorful decor!

Who are your style crushes/vintage icons/fashion muses, and why/how do they influence you?:
My midwest Grandma is a big influence on me! She was so resourceful whether mending socks, canning her summer garden or by taking great care of her belongings so they’d last. There are reminders of her all over our home, and better yet, we still put them to good use!

What are the things customers seek you out for?
We stock quality, personable and colorful pieces for folks that want to gift something unique or are looking for that one special item for their own home. Posy’s a great shop for those customers who are dipping their toes into the vintage pool and aren’t wanting to go full-on macrame! At markets, we’re constantly hearing, “My grandmother had one just like that!” or “This reminds me of when I was little.” It’s awesome!

What’s your favorite thing about your city?
I love Raleigh! It’s not too big, but offers lots of options for amazing food, unique goods and places to get creative or be inspired!

Where can customers usually shop your wares?
At Deco Raleigh, in the online shop &  at shows.

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