Urban Vintage Spotlight: Reuse By Design


Angela Murphy from Reuse By Design

Reuse By Design

Describe your style, influences, inspiration, and what you plan to bring:
I’ve always had a passion for 2 things – creativity and old things. Growing up, I was a pretty good artist, but never really pursued it as a career or even an on-going hobby. Working with an architecture firm for many years in marketing, I discovered the love for rehabilitating and restoring historic properties. This turned into hunting for vintage pieces and antiques; sometimes painting or reusing them in creative ways. My style typically combines the old and the new. An interest in graphic arts has allowed me opportunity to design advertising, promotional items, signage, logos, and more. Reuse by Design was established to turn this talent into a way to share what I love with others who appreciate the desire to recycle, refurbish, repurpose, and recreate.

Where can customers usually shop your wares?
My online shop &  at shows.

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