Because Mall is a Four Letter Word


CityMarketLogos_p9We have been holding The Handmade Market in Cobblestone Hall in the heart of City Market for quite some time now. If you have never been you may ask, “where IS City Market?”

City Market is the area of downtown Raleigh located between S Blount St, E Martin St, Person St, and E Davie St. Tucked inside those streets are the quaint Parham, Wolfe, and Blake streets. Have you been downtown for the First Friday Gallery Walk lately? This is where you’ll walk among white lights strung over cobblestone streets. It’s where retail shops and restaurants extend their hours and live music plays out on the street. It’s where you just may feel like you are out of town on a little vacation. When in fact, you are really enjoying a little piece of history right here at home!

City Market opened for business in 1914! Every Saturday you could find farmers gathered at the Market with their produce, poultry, and flowers. Seafood was brought in from the coast. Raleigh citizens could even pick up home baked goods in City Market and picnic with their families in Moore Square. Back then Moore Square was called “The Grove” by the locals. Today it’s the park where the 1,250-pound acorn sits!

1914! Do you see the significance of that date? City Market will be celebrating its 100th birthday in just a few months. Keep an eye on their website for information about how they’ll celebrate.

But before we get all excited about 2014, City Market is planning “A City Market Christmas” It will follow the 69th annual Raleigh Christmas Parade. You’ll already be downtown so head over to City Market. There will be a children’s choir, lots of goodies to eat and of course Santa! All the local merchants will be decked out for the holidays.

We LOVE having The Handmade Market in an area with such history and character. Thank you once again City Market for sponsoring our event!



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