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SPONSOR LOVE: Pullen Arts Center


Announcing a new sponsor of The Handmade Market!

Pullen Arts Center

We were so excited to hear that Pullen Arts Center wanted to be a Master Sponsor for The Handmade Market on November 9th. What a perfect fit!

Pullen Arts Center is on the north side of Pullen Park next to Theatre in the Park near Hillsborough St. It’s across from NC State’s Bell Tower.

There are many many classes offered for kids, teens and adults. It’s an art education program that caters to both the beginner artist and advanced artist. You can learn something entirely new or hone a skill you’ve been working on.

Don’t let the word Art scare you away from taking a class at Pullen Arts Center. Think of it in terms like this: there’s the art of sewing, the art of embroidery and the art of knitting. Learning to sew, knit, crochet and embroider are all classes offered at the center. There are many types of classes offered in drawing and painting. There is also resist dyeing, weaving, printmaking, pottery and photography. And many skills related to jewelry making such as enameling and metal work.

Doesn’t just the mention of all these arts and crafts get you fired up to take a class? You may be surprised at the talent you have, just waiting to be discovered!


Art4Fun Summer Camp is an 8 week long offering for children ages 6-11. Campers can attend Monday through Friday for a one week session or sign up for more than one. Each week there is a different theme and different artistic mediums and techniques. There are even side trips to Pullen Aquatics Center! Sounds like a lot of summer camp fun to us!

All this and more is happening right here in the City of Raleigh! So sign up for a class for yourself or sign up your kids for camp next summer. And, please tell them that you heard all about it right here! Then thank them for sponsoring The Handmade Market!

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