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Thank you for coming to The Handmade Market!

hmmnov2016A huge and heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who came out for the 21st edition of The Handmade Market this weekend! On behalf of all the fabulous artists, thank you for taking the time to drop in and shop! We had an incredible time getting to know new artists and chatting it up with so many new shoppers! It’s always exciting when someone new discovers The Handmade Market and all the talented artisans.

When we started The Handmade Market we wanted to put talented artists in front of excited shoppers who appreciate art! You have followed us as we have grown and changed venues and worked out kinks, and we have appreciated all the kindness. WE thank you, but our artists REALLY thank you!

I think we can speak for many of our artists when we say: We don’t make things just to sell them. We make things because we can’t NOT make things! That’s what it’s like in our idea churning heads! So thank you again for coming to check out all the pretties and allowing us to keep those ideas coming!

deco250A very special thank you from The Handmaidens goes to our top-level notebook sponsor — DECO! If you haven’t stopped in to their new store DECO home, do it! It is fabulous!

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If you have a story to share about your day at The Handmade Market, we would really love to hear from you. If you took photos at the event be sure to hashtag handmademarketnc, we’d love to see them!

The Handmaidens

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