Because Mall is a Four Letter Word

Thank you to our Top Sponsors!

Do you ever wonder what it takes to put on a show like The Handmade Market? Well, it takes a village! We have some great sponsors who partner with us to get the word out!

DECO-window-300DECO Raleigh has collaborated with us since they opened their doors  in the fall of 2012. They love downtown Raleigh and want it to be a vibrant place to visit and shop. When you step inside their door you’ll see first hand that it’s fun, it’s playful, it’s lively, it’s colorful, it’s creative. You’ll ponder who you should get a gift for and why you deserve one for yourself! Because, it will be hard to walk out the door without getting in on the fun!

But, shopping and gift giving isn’t all DECO Raleigh stands for. They are very involved in the Raleigh downtown community. We are not the only event that they reach out to help.

They recently partnered with Edge of Urge to create FLIGHT, the pop-up shop It will be open in November and December, Mon-Sat, 11am – 7pm; Sun, 11am – 5pm.  It’s a unique, curated collection of GREAT STUFF, most of which you won’t be able to find anywhere else in Raleigh, including their store. 10% of the sales will go directly to FLIGHT, a citizen-organized fund designed to propel creative urban projects.

Go check out DECO Raleigh at the corner of Hargett & Salisbury Streets. You’ll recognize them by the unique parklet in front of their store on Salisbury. Read all about raleigh [ ] space and another way that DECO Raleigh partnered to make downtown Raleigh a better place!


DECO Raleigh

unique gifts • original art • smart design

19 W Hargett Street in Raleigh

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