Because Mall is a Four Letter Word

Thanks goes to our fine sponsor: City Market


Guess who is turning 100 this year? That’s right, City Market! Can you believe it? I wonder what it was like in downtown Raleigh 100 years ago?

citymarketcollageI think that’s Cobblestone Hall, home of The Handmade Market, looking at it from Martin Street. I’m sure not one of you would turn down some fresh local produce grown like it was back in 1914! This was THE place in Raleigh to get poultry, seafood, produce, baked goods and even flowers until the mid 1940’s. Once the exciting and new super market hit the scene, things slowed down at City Market. It’s gone through many changes since those old days.

We’re grateful that City Market has since been recognized by the National Register of Historic Places. For that reason it’s still around for all to enjoy!

Did you know that City Market includes way more than just Cobblestone Hall? It is the area of downtown Raleigh located between S Blount St, E Martin St, Person St, and E Davie St. Tucked inside those streets are the quaint Parham, Wolfe, and Blake streets. Have you been downtown for First Friday lately? This is where you’ll walk among white lights strung over cobblestone streets. It’s where retail shops and restaurants extend their hours and live music plays out on the street. There are street performers and corn hole games. It’s where you just may feel like you are out of town on a little vacation. When in fact, you are really enjoying a little piece of history right here at home! Check it out on Friday, May 2nd.

After you have enjoyed First Friday, come back on Saturday, May 3rd for The Handmade Market! We get to use the same building in the very way it was first intended, as a Market!

And remember, there is ALWAYS something going on in City Market. Check out the calendar of events on their website and keep an eye out for information about how we can all continue to celebrate 100 years of City Market!

Thanks City Market for sponsoring The Handmade Market from the minute we stepped foot onto your beautiful cobblestone streets!

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