Because Mall is a Four Letter Word

That’s a wrap!

Another one for the books!

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You’re our favorite people! Thank you for coming out to the 19th edition of The Handmade Market!

I think we can speak for all the participating artists when we say how much fun it was and how grateful we are that YOU showed up! Thanks to you people, who came to mingle, check out our work and shop our wares!




Thanks to Renee Garner of Wolfie & the Sneak for the beautiful details she brought to our poster this year! When we flyered the town people raved!

A VERY special thank you goes to our sponsors! With generous donations from DECO Raleigh, Elan City Center and City Market we were able to design and hand out those pretty yellow notebooks to the first shoppers through the doors on Friday night and on Saturday morning.

We also want to thank VarageSale and Jeff Peterson, Realtor for jumping on board to sponsor The Handmade Market. A great way to thank sponsors for partnering in a show like this is to go to their web sites, learn more about them, and utilize them when the need arises. Tell them you heard about them at The Handmade Market!

And now our BIGGEST SHOUT out goes to YOU, the contributor to our chosen charity Activate Good. YOU, who gave a little cash so that Activate Good can continue to give to others. Together with YOU, we raised $832 so that they can activate more volunteers to help charitable causes in our local community. One of our favorite parts of The Handmade Market is knowing that we helped give a little to others.

If you have a story to share about your day at The Handmade Market, we would really love to hear from you. And if you want to stay up-to-date on all the latest news about The Handmade Market — including the call for artists and dates for upcoming shows – Sign up for the newsletter and follow us on Facebook and Twitter. If you took photos at the event, we would love for you to add them to The Handmade Market group on Flickr or just email them to us. And, we LOVE when you tag thehandmademarket on Instagram!

What’s next up the Handmaidens sleeves you ask? LogoSM

Urban Vintage! The 2nd addition will take place on First Friday, March 4th and Saturday, March 5th, 2016 at the same location…Market Hall.

Watch for news about when the application period begins. It’s going to be a blast!

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