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The Handmade Market Spotlight: Art By Sarah Savage


 Sarah Savage from Art By Sarah Savage

Art By Sarah Savage
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Describe your style, influences, inspiration, and what you plan to bring:

My style comes with my mood! That’s right-you get what I’m feeling at the moment! I get bored easily so I tend to move around a lot in my work. You can almost always count on there being color involved in my art and depending on how I’m feeling is what comes out in my pieces. I am inspired by nature, people and positivity. I will be bringing lots of floral paintings as well as some Moroccan style tile pieces. I love to hand letter, so there will be some of that mixed in. Since it’s also close to the Christmas season I’ll bring holiday themed decor for those who are looking for that. If you need a pop of color in your space-your sure to find that within mine!

How did you learn your craft?:

I started painting as a kid in art class in school. I’ve always been a doodler in the margins of my class notes all the way up through college. I went to school to be a teacher because I wanted a reason to write on a white board! (Could have saved a lot of money and just bought my own white bird-but hey-you love and learn!) I taught for one year and got pregnant so I made the decision to stay home with my son (plus I wasn’t cut out for teaching!) Fast forward a few years and I started doing art for friends and it soon turned into a full time business in 2014. I learn by doing. I’m not afraid to try something new and I often try and fail, but the times I succeed are the moments that have led me to where I am today. I love what I do and hope to continue as long as I’m able.

Which artist at The Handmade Market are you excited to see/meet?:

I’m excited to see friends from pst markets-I love what Cabin Girl Designs are doing! They have an amazon product that is unique in their sourcing of materials. I love Gretchen Quinn’s pottery-she has an amazing line. Jeremy of Tuttleworks is an electrical and engineering genius and can make the simplest object a functional piece of art through his lighting. I hope to one day own a piece of his work!

What is your favorite way to put yourself in the mood for creativity?:

Alone for sure! I’m a chatty person so I’d never get anything done in a group setting! I always have some sort of noise whether it’s music, movies, podcasts. Most of my work is created in my studio aka garage which is outdoors.

What advice would you give to an artist just starting out and/or what is the best advice you have received for your art & business?:

Just start! If you love to do something don’t think too hard about the logistics and business side. Create from your heart and then if it starts to go somewhere think about those things for sure. If all you want from your art is recognition then your doing it for the wrong reasons. Do it for yourself and because you love it. If you get recognized for it, stay humble and know your not the only one doing something creative. We all have talents-it’s just a matter of finding out what they are and then doing them!

If you have sold or attended before, what’s your favorite Handmade Market memory or purchase?:

My best purchase was my Twiggy Roads necklace. I love it (also it’s wood and I’m a wood artist so it seemed fitting!) I get so many compliments on it when I wear it-which is a lot!

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For the full artist gallery, and all the details you’ll ever need about The Handmade Market, go here! See you November 10th!

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