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The Handmade Market

The Handmade Market was a semi-annual shopping event that took place in Raleigh, NC. It featured a juried selection of the best and brightest artists, designers, and crafters from the region.

The event was produced by The Handmaidens, a North Carolina collective of independent designers, and was made possible with the generous support of our Event Sponsors and Volunteers.

The show in November, 2018 marked the 25th and last show of The Handmade Market.


Applications are currently open for our new holiday show, Made and Found. It is a combination of The Handmade Market and Urban Vintage!! It will be held in Moore Square in downtown Raleigh on November 9th. click here to apply.


History of The Handmade Market

The Handmaidens created The Handmade Market after recognizing that there are few quality shows in the Southeast that cater to the region’s flourishing independent art and design scene. Taking matters into their own hands, they created The Handmade Market to promote the region’s artists and to provide them with a venue for selling their work.

The Handmade Market was started on May 6, 2006, when 35 designers joined The Handmaidens. It was an overwhelming success, with customers waiting in line for the doors to open and arriving in droves throughout the day.

After a successful first event, The Handmaidens made The Handmade Market a semi-annual shopping event. Triangle residents had two superb shopping events — the spring show in May, timed perfectly for shopping for unique handcrafted Mother’s Day and graduation gifts, and the fall show in November that kicked off the holiday shopping season.


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