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Urban Vintage Sponsor Love

DECO-raleighHere is our BIG shout out to our number one sponsor… DECO Raleigh! “YOU, Deco Raleigh, are like a show version of Spanx! Seriously! You support us so well, and make us look good!”

Deco Raleigh has long been a Master Sponsor for The Handmade Market. When we announced that we would be producing Urban Vintage in downtown Raleigh, they were the first to jump on board.

Stop in to their shop on the corner of Hargett and Salisbury Streets. It will take more than one visit to take it all in! You’ll keep going back for that one thing you saw but didn’t get…yet!  And since Urban Vintage doesn’t open its doors until 6:00 pm this Friday, stop by First Friday at Deco on your way. They will have just wrapped up inventory and will be having some terrific sales!

Thanks Deco Raleigh!

Another repeat Master Sponsor friend of ours is City Market! Let’s face it, if we had no City Market, we’d have no awesome venue! Market Hall is in the heart of City Market. If you’ve been to The Handmade Market in the past few years, you know what an awesome building it is. Of course, that’s not the only historical building in City Market, there is history everywhere you turn. The cobblestone streets are lit up at night by stings of cafe lights. You’ll find yourself thinking you’re on vacation right here in your own town.

We appreciate City Market loving the arts and loving Raleigh just as much as we do!

Thanks City Market for being a generous sponsor of the first ever Urban Vintage Raleigh!


SuzannasSuzAnna’s Antiques is one of our new sponsors. The obvious connection is our shared love for collecting, the love of the hunt for that perfect piece! Maybe it’s an antique, maybe it’s mid-century. Maybe you just need to dust it off and use it. Or, maybe you plan on giving it a totally new look! SuzAnna’s on Durant Road in Raleigh has a lot to choose from. If you’ve talked about going there and have never quite followed through, here is your chance to see a sampling of what they offer. They will be representing their store at Urban Vintage this Friday and Saturday. Strike up a conversation with them. Ask them what THEIR favorite find is! Oh, and thank them for sponsoring Urban Vintage, if you please.


lulusLulu’s Vintage Shop is another one of our new sponsors! They recently relocated to 317 E Roosevelt Ave. in downtown Wake Forest. Maybe you remember them as Lulu’s Thrifty Vintage Consignment Shop in Rolesville. Well, they are only getting bigger and better! They have 4,000 square feet of Vintage awesomeness in Wake Forest. But, if you need a convenient preview right here in Raleigh, then come on down to Urban Vintage and see what they hauled in just for our customers! Go Like them on their Facebook page and tell them that you’ll see them at Market Hall! And of course, help us thank them again for their sponsorship!

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