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Urban Vintage Spotlight: Hen House Vintage


Liz Szychowicz of Hen House Vintage

Describe your influences, inspiration, and what you plan to bring:
I love anything farm house, chippy and rusty. I plan to bring all things antique and vintage as well as some great painted furniture.

Who are your style crushes/vintage icons/fashion muses, and why/how do they influence you?:
Love Liz Marie Galvan, her style is amazing!

What are the things customers seek you out for?:
Customers are attracted to our booth because we are 99% true antique vintage! We love the old stuff!

What is the oldest thing you own.
Early 1900’s Refrigerator and several very old demi johns..

Were can customers usually shop your wares:
326 Litwin Dr Thomasville, and at shows

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For the full vendor gallery, and all the details you’ll ever need about the next Urban Vintage, go here, and come see us July 27 & 28!

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