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Urban Vintage Spotlight: Retro Reclaimations


Jennifer Benson of Retro Reclaimations

Describe your style, influences, inspiration, and what you plan to bring: offers 20th century patterned glass and barware from Pyrex, Hazel Atlas, Federal Glass, Libbey, Culver, and more. Every piece is selected for superior condition, “cool factor”, and popularity both past and present. Our collections range from Swankyswigs and vintage S&P Shakers to swizzle sticks and complete cocktail sets. If we do NOT have it, we will find it or someone that does.

One of the greatest joys I look forward to during events are YOUR stories and I invite you to share them. Visit our booth during Urban Vintage and join us on a nostalgic walk down memory lane as you browse our colorful display of vintage glassware, unique and hard to find MCM cocktail pieces, quirky and cute S&P Shakers, and juice and cocktail glasses that you will NOT be able to resist.

Who are your style crushes/vintage icons/fashion muses, and why/how do they influence you?:
Like many, I am drawn to space-age, MCM decor and home furnishings. I am obsessed with pop culture and its’ influence on glassware from the past. The simplicity of the thirties, tiki-culture post WWII, the 1950s emigration of Americans to the ‘burbs that introduced cocktail hour, the space race of the 60’s that resulted in atomic-modern barware, the 70’s move to earthen tones that resulted in my favorite Pyrex pattern Spring Blossom Green, all of the trends in colors and patterns were a result of American pop culture.

Where can customers usually shop your wares:
Online, at shows, and Flea Body’s Antique Mall-Wilmington, NC

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For the full vendor gallery, and all the details you’ll ever need about the next Urban Vintage, go here, and come see us July 28 & 29!

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