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Urban Vintage Spotlight: Retro Reclaimations

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Jen Benson from Retro Reclaimations

Describe your influences, inspiration, and what you plan to bring:
Nostalgia is at the heart of every decision I make. From glassware selection and display to arrangement and packaging, every choice is influenced by what I call the “nostalgia factor”. A vintage mixing bowl is more than an object, it holds the memories of past owners. Whether the item was given as a gift or carefully selected by the owner, it represents an entire decade of American pop culture influences. For example, our top-selling Pyrex pattern is (turquoise) Butterprint manufactured during the 1950s. A decade synonymous with American’s moving from city centers to suburbia, a shift in culture for women as the home hostess, home entertaining, and a transition as the kitchen becomes the heart of the home. All of this, and more, are connected with a simple vintage mixing bowl. The stories (memories) are as important to me as the item and, when possible, I enjoy sharing these with customers.

What are the things customers seek you out for?:
A customer has a passion for tradition and nostalgia coupled with a desire to introduce mid-century glassware into the modern kitchen. Our customers prefer quality and beauty over cost and convenience.

Initially, customers are drawn to our collection by the arrangement of color and patterns. Upon entering our booth, curiosity is quickly overtaken by a strong sense of nostalgia as long forgotten memories of “grandma’s kitchen” awaken. Our selection of vintage glassware has at least one piece from every person’s past. has a superior collection of 20th century glassware ranging from vintage Pyrex mixing bowls and kitschy salt n pepper shakers to MCM cocktail sets and Art Deco barware.

Were can customers usually shop your wares:
In our Brick & Mortar shops, online & at shows.
Open by Appointment ONLY details: or visit booth #B5B at Flea Body’s Antique Mall in Wilmington NC

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For the full vendor gallery, and all the details you’ll ever need about the next Urban Vintage, go here, and come see us July 27 & 28!

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  1. I am over the moon excited to attend our THIRD Urban Vintage! Thanks for your continued support and for so much hard work and dedication to the small business community.

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