Because Mall is a Four Letter Word

Urban Vintage was everything and then some!


A big shout out to all of you who came to Urban Vintage at All Saint’s Chapel! What a beautiful background for all those freshly picked vintage treasures! Thank you for coming out to see what our vendors had in store for you.  I’m sure they were happy to leave the show with a haul much lighter than when they arrived!

Thank you to All Saint’s Chapel for providing such a beautiful space. What a perfect backdrop to all things old and full of character. And the big bonus? The staff is always such a dream to work with!

To the amazing vendors, we thank YOU for turning All Saints Chapel into a magical, rusty, vintage, retro shoppers paradise. We already can’t wait to see what 2019 has in store.

If you want to keep up with any or all of the vendors you saw, check out the vendor gallery.  You can also go back and read the vendor spotlight posts to find out a little more about your favorite vendor.  You will also find links to their websites and social media outlets so you can find out where they will be showing up next!

Please check out these local vintage shops who helped us out by sponsoring our event!   

We cannot thank them enough for partnering with us to bring this show to you fine folks!

So be sure to visit them in their regular setting. SuzAnna’s is located in both Youngsville and Rolesville so venture out of Raleigh and check them out too! Trust us it WILL be worth it!

Thanks again for coming to Urban Vintage and be sure to tag us in your photos from the show!

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