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Artist Spotlight: Bee Mindful Skin Care®

Bee Mindful Skin Care®, of Smithfield, North Carolina, is new to The Handmade Market. Linda Della Rosa, head-beekeeper on her Johnston County mini-farm, is proud to have created an extensive line of natural skin care products made exclusively from high-quality oils and butters combined with wax and/or honey from her bees. Each product is handmade in small batches. Soaps are cold processed and colorant-free using custom molds. Lotions come with a specially mixed wildflower seed packet called Bee Forage Banquet. Linda is always ‘mindful‘ of the importance of honey bees to our world.

Bee Mindful Skin Care new artist raffle donor

What items are you most excited to bring to The Handmade Market?

Our newest men’s product- Benevolent Beard Oil – and for people to try out our Gregarious Goats Milk Body Lotion and our Body Cream.  We’re also excited for you to try our Happy Hands Salve and Lip Balms!

What is your most favorite distraction in the studio right now?

Working with our bees in the yard and planting more flowers and shrubs for them!

How do you unwind from an intense day? 

Play in my flower and vegetable gardens.

Which artist at The Handmade Market are you excited to meet?

I can’t wait to meet Julie Walther Handmade Pottery

Beach or ocean or shore?  


Artistically speaking, who is your doppelgänger?

Judy Hull- my closest college friend for over 40 years!

Bugatti, ’67 Mustang, or Tesla? 

’67 Mustang.

What is  your color addiction? Why are you moved by it? 

Cobalt Blue – just love it- it reminds me of older vintage things- it is why I chose it for my bottles and jars!

With which participating artist would you LOVE to collaborate?

Julie Walther

Be sure to visit Bee Mindful Skin Care®‘s table and check out the Gregarious Goats Milk Body Lotion at The Handmade Market on Friday, May 6 and Saturday, May 7 at Market Hall. You can finish your Mother’s Day shopping or get a jump on Father’s Day! See you then.

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