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Artist Spotlight: PaperFromHeaven


PaperFromHeaven of Wake Forest, North Carolina is new the Market! Katie Carter creates fun and functional organizers for all ages. Currently, PaperFromHeaven’s biggest line is her Essential Oil Bags. Katie creates her own patterns,  pairs them with quirky fabrics to help add fun & flair to everyone’s life.


What item are you most excited to bring to The Handmade Market?

I am excited to be launching my Mini Project Bags and the Small Roller Bottle Case at the Handmade Market.

What is your most favorite distraction in the studio right now?

New fabric! It’s always new fabric, and wanting to sew things up just for myself or new items to bring to markets that will never make it to the shop.

How do you unwind from an intense day?

I sit quietly after my kids have gone to bed and read. My house is never quiet, homeschooling + having my own business inside my house makes for very long days.

Which artist at The Handmade Market are you excited to meet? 

I’m excited to meet Liz Kelly Pottery, being across from her all weekend will be tough. I have tons of new plants that would look awesome in her pots!

Beach or ocean or shore?

Being from California, I love the beach. I prefer to sit and watch my husband and boys play in the waves and sit under a big umbrella simply doing nothing.

Bugatti, ’67 Mustang, or Tesla? 

67 Mustang. I’ve always been a Ford fan, and Mustangs have always been my dream car.

What is your color addiction? Why are you moved by it?

I love teal. I love that it reminds me of the calm of the ocean, but it’s still bright and poppy.

With which participating artist would you LOVE to collaborate?

I would love to collaborate with True Cotton. I send out coloring sheets with my Drawing (crayon rolls & pencil rolls) orders, and I would love to have Arin’s designs in my mix of sheets.

Be sure to visit PaperFromHeaven‘s table to see Katie’s entire line of fun and functional organizers. Mother’s Day and graduation are on the way! Come find the perfect gift at The Handmade Market on Friday, May 6 and Saturday, May 7 at Market Hall.

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