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Artist Spotlight: The ZEN Succulent

Margaret and Megan George are the mother and daughter team behind The Zen Succlulent. Remember the traditional terrarium? These ladies bring to that a modern new look: contemporary glass vases, succulents, air plants, and moss are just some of the ingredients of these works of art.

How do you define and measure success for yourself and your business? For us, success is not measured by how many terrariums we have sold, but by how many people have been touched by our terrariums though the imagination, design, unique plants, and the joy that they bring. From that serene and calming place, we have grown our small business and increased our brand’s value, which have lead to amazing projects and opportunities for us.

When work gets really intense, do you lean in or step back? Tell us how and why that approach works for you and your biz. Even a small business with ” ZEN ” in the title gets projects that are intense — when that happens, we lean in for sure. Our terrariums bring a sense of calm, imagination, and peace to their owners. And, in order for us to provide that, we work hard to craft the best landscapes to exceed their expectations. That always includes harvesting the freshest plants, forming the best soil, making spotless glass.

How do you connect with other creative types? Does this happen online, in person, or some of both? We connect with any other creatives through craft shows and shops where our items are created, all in person. It is wonderful to meet new artisans through our travels to different events, states, and even regions — it is almost like a traveling community, and we are very lucky to be part of that.

Is there a new item that you’d like to share? This vibrant “volunteer” bloomed in my front yar,d and its bold red and stunning yellow colors became the inspiration for our new tabletop terrarium arrangement called “Berry & Citrus Terrarium.” Inspiration is truly everywhere.

What’s your favorite TV show to binge-watch? We have started a new feature on our website where we take pictures weekly of the propagation of our succulent leaves on their journey to succulent plants. We named that series of photos “Propagation Watch” after our favorite show “Game of Thrones” (and it was well received).

What city should you really live in? I am a proud North Carolinian, living throughout the state since birth, but currently in my life, I would love to spend time and live in Madagascar. From a young age I was inspired by the exotic beauty of the land and wildlife that call that island home. Even though I have never visited, I do have my passport ready.

Be sure to visit The Zen Succulent during The Handmade Market on Saturday, May 3. You will be amazed at the number of different succulents! Oh and ask about the classes they offer — with their help, you could end up making your own terrarium one day or even a succulent wreath!

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